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Established in 1987, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) has risen to be one of the finest and most reputed undergraduate management colleges in India. Being the torch bearer of modern education, SSCBS imparts knowledge in the field of management, finance and computer science.

180 Degrees Consulting SSCBS is a chapter of the reputed international student consultancy that works with socially conscious organizations to help them achieve a greater social impact. Our team devises solutions from both a business and social perspective.


We are called 180 Degrees Consulting because we have the power to turn good organizations into great organizations, challenges into opportunities, ideas into reality.


Our Team

The team comprises of a group of committed individuals who strive for perfection in every project it undertakes. The rigorous selection procedure combined with regular training sessions by experienced leaders working in leading consulting and banking companies ensure sufficient motivation and requisite talent in every team member. Since the team members study finance, management and strategy as their core subjects, perfection is a hallmark of the 180 Degrees Consulting SSCBS Team. We ensure that every consultant on board has a knack for critical reasoning and problem solving in addition to commitment towards client needs.


Our Mission

180 Degrees Consulting aims at providing the highest quality of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to make sure that these enterprises continue to thrive. At the same time, 180 Degrees Consulting aims to provide a deep insight into the practical working of modern enterprises to the curious college minds to make sure that there are mutually beneficial collaborations.


Why Us

Any organisation is only as good as the people it comprises of and the SSCBS team of 180 Degrees Consulting is the perfect mix of talent, curiosity and dedication which has made all of our past collaborations more than just successful. With the support of a global network spread around 33 countries, 180 Degrees Consulting is the perfect platform for non-profit organisations to get away with any hindrance that is becoming a roadblock in their road to making a better world.




We follow a standardized approach towards any project that we on-board. Thousands of charities apply for consulting services.

  • The first step of the application process requires them to specify the domains which require help and the major challenges that they are facing.
  • We then match our skills with non-profits based on criterium such as: our areas of expertise, qualifications, interests, abilities, knowledge, and geographic feasibility.
  • Our teams then thoroughly analyse the specific challenges that the organization is facing, thereby developing in-depth practical solutions to those challenges.
  • Post the completion of the project, we collect a detailed feedback from every consultant and every client so we know whether we are moving in the right direction and making a difference. This helps us keep on improving the quality of our services.

Our Past Projects

1. Strawcture Eco. 

Strawcture Eco. is a green building material startup commercializing 100% sustainable projects by compressed agri-fiber technology, which recently raised a seed amount pf $375K and is looking to expand abroad.

Our role in this project comprised of a price analysis of various construction materials e.g. drywall, prominent in Europe, and a market entry cum feasibility analysis of sustainable construction in the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

  • We began by assigning different geographies within our team to maximize our research breadth, to obtain sufficient data to draw conclusions on different analysis.
  • Followed by compiling primary and secondary data on pricing analysis of gypsum, fiberglass, PET, etc., and created a spreadsheet with 500+ price points.
  • We concluded with high-level recommendations on price setting abroad along with a detailed go-to-market strategy for Saudi Arabia and UAE.

2. The Social Town

The Social Town is an IIM Bangalore incubated start-up mentored by Stanford University. A collaborative space for socially responsible NGOs, NPOs, Corporates, Government Organizations and Individuals to congregate for better Social Engineering. It is the only technology platform that brings together all social stakeholders, tools and resources under one roof.

Our role for this project comprised of six deliverables: Onboarding, Marketing, Operations, and Pricing strategies. Along with this we had to develop feature pool for the website and a Nano CSR Fund.

  • For operations and onboarding, we used a MECE approach, by addressing all the 3 stakeholders separately & skimming through various databases.
  • For the marketing strategy, we devised a comprehensive marketing strategy covering various mediums. For the pricing strategy we created a full proof pricing plan after analysing each of the competitors separately.
  • For the feature pool we suggested TST to become a one-stop platform for all the stakeholders. Considering the tax and qualitative benefits we branded a donation page and suggested a Nano CSR Fund.

3. Indus Action

It is a Harvard alum’s policy implementation organization which performs necessary tasks to see that policies designed to transform the social fabric of the country are fully realized. Its advisory committee consists of Board members from esteemed organisations such as the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

Our role was to analyse data in the form of a raw spreadsheet containing 10,000+ data points relating to quantitative social impact of government policies like Right to Education, Right to Food and Right to Life across various states.

  • We followed a MECE approach (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive) and segregated the impact numbers based on year, state and policy.
  • Using Google Data Studio, which is a data visualization software, we created several interactive charts to communicate the data in an effective manner.
  • The end result was a dynamic dashboard spanning 20+ pages which was presented to the Strategy and Learning Department of the organization.

4. The India Craft Project

Our team collaborated with The India Craft Project and designed the go-to-market strategy for the initiative. Our team designed the cost structure along with the revenue model with the help of extensive competitor analysis and market research. Our team helped TICP collaborate with AugTraveller, a VR based tourism all, on a revenue-sharing model.

5. The Lemon Bowl

Our project with Lemon Bowl, a start-up Cloud Kitchen, involved the task of setting up a proper commercial cloud kitchen. For that, we undertook extensive market research and suggested suitable avenues for raw material procurement. We also compared various POS systems which fit the brand’s portfolio and recommended the most suitable ones.

As a result, Lemon Bowl experienced a healthy growth in customer outreach with an estimated 50% increase in their scale of operations














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