The Riga branch of 180 Degrees Consulting was initiated in April 2012 and officially registered in the Registry of Associations and Foundations in Latvia in October 2012. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, working on pro bono consultancy projects for socially conscious organizations in Latvia and bordering nations. The working language at our branch is English.

Branch is led by the students of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga — the best business school in the Baltics — and are dedicated to building a better Emerging Europe. After initial turbulence has passed, 180 Degrees Consulting SSE Riga started growing and now we are working on more and more complex projects. Our team are top students with experience in professional consulting, mentored by largest independent consultancy in the Baltics. Our branch knows how to deliver strong results, and our goal is to make 2018 the best year in history of SSE Riga branch.


Strēlnieku iela 4a, Riga LV 1010, Latvia

SSE Riga


Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Pasaules Dabas Fonds

    Area: Fundraising

    Pasaules Dabas Fonds is an associated partner of the global environmental protection organization WWF. It is a leading organization in environment protection sector in Latvia with operations throughout Eastern Europe. In this project the 180 Degrees team was tasked with identifying the main sources of funding that PDF can obtain from the corporate sector. The team conducted an all-comprehensive analysis of specific most promising industries with an aim to identify their interest in rendering long-term financial support to the client.

    "Our organization has a positive experience in cooperation with 180 Degrees Consulting. We describe them as being purposeful with a high sense of responsibility and with the desire to understand the substance of the considered object."
  • Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Latvia

    Area: Social Impact Measurement

    The consulting team has the opportunity to work with one of 123 Junior Achievement Worldwide network members, namely Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Latvia. The company provides diversified services in business education with current mission to engage youth into the development of Latvian economy by creating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

    The project task for the team was to identify the most effective methods to measure the impact of JA-YE Latvia programs. Its scope was extensive as it included deep analysis of past events and future activities of the company. Combining the two directions helped to develop a sustainable solution.
  • Sustainability Index

    Area: Social Awareness Raising

    Sustainability Index (Ilgtspējas Indekss) is a strategic management tool based on global methodology. This initiative aims to assist Latvian enterprises in establishing the level of sustainability and corporate responsibility, to praise and support the enterprises contributing to the long-run sustainability of Latvian economy, environment, and society. Every enterprise registered in Latvia can apply to Sustainability Index to get their non-financial performance evaluation. In the project the consultants worked on identifying ways to raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable business values and designing a strategy that would change the perception of sustainability in the eyes of public.

    "It was valuable to hear and see view from those which have not been involved in our previous activities. The work done by consultants confirmed that some of our own ideas previously rejected as not so important or useful should be reviewed. As a result we have agreed to organize one of activities proposed by consultants - Sustainability Week. Thank you for inspiring us! I enjoyed meetings with young, dedicated consultants which tried their best to reach the objective set in the beginning."
  • Baltic Regional fund

    Area: Social Impact Measurement

    Baltic Regional fund is a non-governmental organization that provides training and consulting as well as other services. The 180 DC consulting team was tasked with determining the activities that should be provided in order to attract inactive youth and would foster their personal and professional development.

    "The assessment of questionnaires developed by the consultants provided valuable ideas for future activities. The communication was professional and nice, therefore we hope to continue the cooperation and extend the project even further."