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Long before social impact consulting became a buzzword our founder, Nat Ware, realized that on the one hand there were non-profits crying out for thoughtful advice. On the other hand, there were talented, creative students who wanted to make a meaningful difference. Connecting the two realizations, the idea for 180 Degrees Consulting was born.

We are proud of having provided top consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises for over 10 years! The Stockholm branch was founded in 2008 as one of the first 3 branches worldwide. Today, we are an integral part of the world’s largest, student-driven, social impact consultancy, operating out of 33 countries.

We provide ambitious students, who strive to make a positive social impact, with the opportunity to work on professional consulting projects — both with local and global NGO’s and social enterprises. Working in teams, our talented consultants spend the semester developing innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for our clients. At the same time, the consultants also receive professional training, both internally and by our partner consulting company.


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“You always need help with management or research, especially when you are a small startup – because you are so vulnerable and any of the extra work is risky in a way. 180DC gives you an opportunity to do stuff and research things you would never do otherwise.”

Linus Kullänger

CEO, Care To Translate



Sveavägen 65, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Care to Translate

    Area: Strategy and Needs Analysis
    Year: 2018

    Care to Translate is a developer of digital solutions to facilitate translation in the healthcare sector. It addresses the great lack of interpreters and communication tools available in Swedish healthcare today. Care to Translate exists as both a non-profit organization and a limited company. Three projects groups worked with the Care to Translate for three semester (fall 2017, spring 2018 and spring 2019). The first group performed a needs analysis to detect the major users of their service, the second worked on developing a longer term strategy for the tools in terms of usage and reach. The case the third group solved was the creation of a value proposition for the company to position itself in the B2B market.

    Digital solutions for Healthcare
  • Kompis Sverige

    Area: Operations Strategy
    Year: 2018

    Kompis Sverige is a leading platform/buddy program connecting established Swedes with new Swedes. The project purpose was to link to the organization’s strategy for 2018 which is to stabilize the operations through increased quality and goal management at all stage. The efforts during the year are being made to strengthen the business and enable further expansion in 2019.

    Volounteering platform
  • MAD Foundation

    Area: Business Model Development
    Year: 2018

    The MAD foundation supports social entrepreneurs in achieving their impact ambitions through the creation of a MAD community. To drive the desired impact, MAD facilitates and provides community meet-ups, consultancy, advising, talks, workshops, journey and think tanks. One of our project teams helped MAD in developing the business model and identifying key distribution and interaction points to revolutionize the MAD membership and voluteer space.

    Social Entrepreneurship
  • Gro Play

    Area: Business Model / Marketing Strategy
    Year: 2015

    Gro Play is a game development company based in Stockholm that creates games aimed at entertaining and inspiring children and their families. The company works to build a more sustainable future by educating children about health, well-being and sustainability. One of our project teams helped Grow Play develop a sustainable business model and a new marketing strategy.

    Entertainment and Education
  • Blood Cancer Foundation Sweden

    Area: Fundraising Opportunities / Growth Strategies
    Year: 2015

    Blodcancerförbundet is a non-profit organisation representing and supporting patients suffering from blood cancer or other serious blood related diseases. The organization’s 14 local branches provide support for patients and their relatives and award grants for research and education. Our project team helped blodcancerförbundet explore new fundraising opportunities and growth strategies.

  • World Wildlife Fund

    Area: Market Research
    Year: 2014

    WWF is an organization devoted to establish a sustainable relationship between humans and nature. In essence, the organization is a lobby group committed to promote sustainability across industries.

    The project was to carry out a desktop analysis of the Brazilian seafood market and the associated ecological footprint. More specifically, the project involved the overall assessment of the seafood value chain in Brazil, changes in Brazilian seafood production and consumption, future trends, mapping of the global seafood supply chain to/from Brazil and developing brief profiles of key stakeholders.

    Environment and animal well-being
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

    Area: Business Plan/ Market Research
    Year: 2014

    SIPRI is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Established in 1966, SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public.

    The project was to create a business plan to support the future growth activities of the client organization. This entailed devising extensive market and competitor analysis as well as financial and implementation plans.

    Research Institute


Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

Stockholm School of Economics