Welcome to the 180 Degrees Consulting Stockholm branch!

Long before social impact consulting became a buzzword our founder, Nat Ware, realized that on the one hand there were non-profits crying out for thoughtful advice. On the other hand, there were talented, creative students who wanted to make a meaningful difference. Connecting the two realizations, the idea for 180 Degrees Consulting was born.

We are proud of having provided top consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises for over 10 years! The Stockholm branch was founded in 2008 as one of the first 3 branches worldwide. Today, we are an integral part of the world’s largest, student-driven, social impact consultancy, operating out of 33 countries.

We provide ambitious students, who strive to make a positive social impact, with the opportunity to work on professional consulting projects — both with local and global NGO’s and social enterprises. Working in teams, our talented consultants spend the semester developing innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for our clients. At the same time, the consultants also receive professional training, both internally and by our partner consulting company.

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Application for Spring 2020 Consultant & Project Manager is now closed

Our Spring Application is now closed.

2020 Fall Application will open in the Summer. If you are interested in our Fall Application, please click here to register your interest!

Consultant – Together with your team, you will be working on a consulting project for one of our clients: a non-profit or a social enterprise.
Project Manager – you will lead a consulting project, supporting, coordinating, and organizing your team and being the first contact person for the 180DC Board and the client.

Students from all universities in Stockholm are welcome!

Click here to register your interest!

Call for Projects for Spring 2020 is closed!

Are you a nonprofit or a social enterprise wanting to maximize your impact? Do you need some help to go through the challenges on your way?

We are a student-driven social impact consultancy based at Stockholm School of Economics. If you would like to have our service in the Fall of 2020, please register your interest in our off-cycle form here and we will notify you once the Fall Call for Project application is open in the Summer!

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“You always need help with management or research, especially

when you are a small startup – because you are so vulnerable and

any of the extra work is risky in a way.

180DC gives you an opportunity to do stuff and research

things you would never do otherwise.”

– Linus Kullänger

CEO, Care To Translate


Saltmätargatan 13-17, 113 59 Stockholm, Sweden



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