Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Swarthmore College! Established in January 2015, we are pleased to bring high-quality and uniquely affordable consulting services to worthwhile non-profits and social enterprises. If you believe that doing good is an intellectual endeavor, then we encourage you to apply to be a 180 Degrees Consultant!

180 Degrees Consulting is not only about social impact but also growing personally and professionally. Through 180 Degrees Consulting, you will develop strong leadership, communication, and teamwork skills that are crucial to succeeding in not just consulting but in any industry. We accept students of all majors and backgrounds. No prior experience in consulting or finance is required. We look for intellectually curious and hardworking individuals who are dedicated to making positive impact.


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Education Global Access Program

    Area: International Education Development
    Year: 2016

    E-GAP is a three-year old non profit whose mission is to "Train Teachers in Conflict Zones and Areas of Extreme Poverty." Over 5,000 people have benefitted from their programs which focus on training teachers in conflict zones either through on the ground classes or online training which they have developed over 600 hours of text and video training.

  • Warehouse3

    Area: Local Small Business
    Year: 2016

    Warehouse3 is a music venue/antique shop in downtown Swarthmore that needed our assistance in formulating a viable advertising strategy, evaluating competitors, and optimizing their social media presence. We were able to provide systemic implementations in a comprehensive final report.

  • Osmosis

    Area: Technology Start-Up
    Year: 2017

    Osmosis is a medical & health education company that reaches more than 100,000 health professional students in 217 countries around the world. Their mission is to advance medical & health education for future clinicians and patients around the world in an effort to improve health outcomes.

  • Education Africa

    Area: International Arts/Education Development
    Year: 2017

    Education Africa is a non profit organization that works with disadvantaged South Africans in order to help them obtain a relevant and quality education. With it's main office based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Education Africa is an established organization with global boards of trustees in the US, UK, Austria, and Germany along with charity status in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

  • Aid For Friends

    Area: nonprofit
    Year: 2019

    Aid For Friends (AFF) is a nonprofit organization that serves thousands of home-cooked meals a week to isolated, homebound seniors. Aid For Friends’ volunteer cooks prepare meals at their local church or AFF commercial kitchen with donated ingredients. Once the meals are prepared, visitor volunteers deliver the meals to persons in need while establishing an amicable rapport with the individual.

    Aid For Friends was officially established in 1974 as an organization of concerned parishioners, eager to mitigate the “loneliness, despair, and physical suffering” that many seniors in Pennsylvania experience. Since it’s inception, AFF has grown into one of the largest and most established home delivered meals programs in Pennsylvania. Their network of volunteers’ serve a remarkable 300,000 dinner meals, 58,000 soups, and 42,000 breakfast bags to an aggregate of 1,700 homebound persons each year.

    This pro bono service is contingent upon the valuable work that volunteers from groups at churches, synagogues, and other organizations provide. Given that there has been a gradual decline in religiously-affiliated group participation, future volunteer recruitment must leverage other sources of altruist initiative. 180DC consultants will tailor a novel volunteer recruitment strategy with this in mind.

  • SGO

    Area: Student Government Organization
    Year: 2019

    Swarthmore’s Student Government Organization seeks to serve as the representative voice for all students within the Swarthmore community. We exist to empower the student body and ensure participation in the college decision-making process. As SGO, we seek to enhance the student experience by supporting and drafting policy promoting student welfare, interests, and needs. We want to serve as liaisons between the students and faculty, staff, alumni, and the administration at large.

    The current form of SGO was established in 2014, and minor constitutional changes have been made in recent years. The President and Vice President head the Executive Board of eight elected SGO committee chairs: Academic Affairs, Diversity, Environmental Impact, Internal Affairs, Student Life Policy, Student Organizations, Student Outreach, Visual and Performing Arts.Together, the Executive Board votes to pass proposals and amendments to the constitution. The Student Budget Committee Chair is an appointed member to the Executive Board and acts as a liaison between SBC and the elected chairs. The Student Senate is comprised of senators elected by class year and at large. This body may propose amendments to the constitution and work with the Executive Board to initiate referenda and pass resolutions. The Executive Board committee chairs head standing committees comprised of members from Student Senate.

  • Pearl S. Buck International

    Area: International nonprofit
    Year: 2019

    Pearl S. Buck International is an international nonprofit organization that carries on Pearl S. Buck’s legacy of bridging cultures and changing lives through humanitarian aid, intercultural education, and historical tours of the Pearl S. Buck House, a national historic landmark. Pearl S. Buck was a writer, activist, and humanitarian. She founded the Welcome House (the world’s first international biracial adoption agency) and established The Pearl S. Buck Foundation (now Pearl S. Buck International) to provide international humanitarian aid. Ms. Buck’s work paved the way for greater intercultural understanding and provided life-changing aid for countless impoverished children.

    Pearl S. Buck International tackles a host of social justice issues, but one of the most prominent is inter-racial relations. By raising awareness of gaps in diversity and inclusiveness, the organization has held intercultural education assessments and workshops for groups in school districts, police departments, financial institutions, and health & human services. Clients will spend up to $30,000 to hire Pearl S. Buck International and their sessions are extremely highly regarded.

    Although they are pleased to deliver a powerful impression on their clients, Pearl S. Buck International wants to make sure that the conversation around intercultural perspectives isn’t left in their sessions. Pearl S. Buck International hopes that their meetings will be a wake-up call for organizations that need to remodel their procedures and policies around inclusion. Ultimately, groups that are consulted by Pearl S. Buck International should leave motivated to implement reforms within the organization, often times in conjunction with human resources that help achieve a more inclusive environment.


    Area: Financial literacy
    Year: 2019

    SWIFT is a financial literacy organization dedicated to providing events, workshops, and resources that help individuals take control of their financial freedom. SWIFT was officially established and pitched at SwatTank in 2018 by Joshua Collin and Rafi Harris as an organization to tackle the issue of financial literacy in underprivileged neighborhoods.

    Since then, SWIFT has grown to a 6-7 member team with Josh and Rafi taking on most of the responsibility. SWIFT has developed strong partnerships with established financial firms, such as PNC, Franklin Mint, TD Bank and Vanguard. SWIFT has also implemented high school literacy and prison reentry programs within the Philly area.

    Going forward, the founders of SWIFT (Josh and Rafi) want to establish lines of continuity for their organization to ensure its sustainability after they graduate. They are both deeply invested in building the group to optimize its impact and are eager to solidify its future. They are considering expansion into the Greater Philadelphia Area as an avenue to reach under-resourced communities, but need assistance in assessing its viability. With these two objectives in mind, 180DC will work diligently to ensure the future of this compelling cause.