180 Degrees Consulting is a project that aims to cause a positive social impact through consultancy services in several areas at a totally affordable price for NGOs, institutions and companies with socioenvironmental concerns. Thus, our purpose is to enhance the actions of these associations in order to transform even more realities in the best possible way. Currently, 180 has more than 140 branches around 35 countries, operating with around 6000 consultants and we are proudly the first headquarters in Brazil. Thus, we formed 180 Degrees Consulting – Cornélio Procópio, a team of trained students, engaged and motivated to make a difference. The project arrives with the mission of transforming your region and, adding cuts with the other branches, cause others to make the world a place for everyone!

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Cornélio Procópio - Brazil

Technological University of Paraná

Cornélio Procópio - Brazil

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