Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Manchester! We’re one of the first branches within North-West England and are ready to bring 180DC’s excellence to all our clients. We are providing socially conscious organisations around the world with the innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges that they are facing. To do this, we work with the top university talent at the University of Manchester who are trained to tackle a range of issues

All of our work is underpinned by our three principles- versatility, agility and having a strategic mindset. This also informs our mission statement:

  • Working with non-profits and social enterprises that are committed to education, health and poverty alleviation
  • Provide high-quality strategic operational assistance
  • Develop the next generation of social-impact leaders



Mission and Vision Statement of 180DC Manchester Branch


An opportunity for students to deliver critical impact and develop core competencies to thrive as social impact leaders.


A hub that engineers versatility, agility and strategic mindsets.



Manchester Student's Union, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PR, United Kingdom

University of Manchester

United Kingdom

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Hyperloop

    Area: Transportation
    Year: 1

    Hyperloop Manchester is a local student-led organisation, subsidiary to SpaceX. Its primary objective is to design a functional prototype of the Hyperloop concept to compete on an international stage. They partnered with 180 Degrees Consulting Manchester in S2 2019/2020.
    The project encompassed mainly improving their sponsorship approach, which is a huge factor considering the cost of purchasing the required equipment. To address this, we first performed thorough market research to produce an extensive list of potential sponsors ranging from municipal bodies to software businesses. Second, we proposed a new initiative that would further promote the core values of Hyperloop – to empower a new generation of STEM leaders. In this initiative, Hyperloop will offer mentorships to young women across high schools in Manchester to improve their representation in STEM academia. This became a core value proposition for sponsors who intend to support local communities.

    Consequently, Hyperloop has seen recent success with sponsors and will continue to influence a younger generation with their mentorship programmes in 2021.
  • Enactus

    Area: Youth Social Enterprise
    Year: 1

    Enactus Manchester (EM) is part of a global student-led organisation that acts as a platform for innovative students to collaborate and collectively devise sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. They partnered with 180 Degrees Consulting Manchester in S1 2019/2020.
    EM has a large influence on the local community. Their projects include regular English lessons for refugees and even programmes that facilitate greater income for underprivileged women across Manchester. Leading several projects of this scale at once can be time-consuming and difficult. To address this, we first performed an extensive survey across all EM projects to identify pain points within communication and leadership. Consequently, we devised and proposed a new organisational structure that would promote greater team integration. Furthermore, we developed a project management concept that included Gant-chart timelines for individual projects that would consist of different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), fundamental to its successes.

    Enactus has continued to work with us in S2 2019/2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. We have aided in a range of areas including redesigning financial management systems and will continue to support their vision in the future.

Branch Leadership Team