Welcome to 180 Degrees Tilburg!

As of 2020 we are officially part of the world’s largest university-based consultancy.
What makes 180 Degrees Consulting different, is that we focus solely on helping socially-conscious and non-profit organizations.

‘’Through our high-quality strategic and operational consultancy services, we not only aim to help organizations maximize their social impact, but we also empower the students of Tilburg University. By working together we can create positive social change.’’

At 180 Degrees Tilburg we strive to foster an environment that will support our exceptionally talented consultants who are committed to the purpose of 180 Degrees Consulting. Students will be guided by our Consulting Director, professional mentors, and professional training given by our partners. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in being an inclusive, diverse and international branch, where every student of Tilburg University has the chance to unlock their full potential. Our consultants are encouraged to uphold a professional standard and to embrace a hands-on attitude when it comes to our consulting projects.

Prospective Consultants

Our application period is now open! Please submit your application here before February 5th 23:50 (CET).

Each academic semester we are recruiting students of Tilburg University who are passionate about social issues and strategy consulting.

If you match this description and are interested to learn more about the work we do at 180 Degrees Tilburg, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Prospective Partners

Is your organization facing challenges while working towards a socially impactful goal? We can provide you with an ambitious team of professionally trained problem solvers with a passion for social impact.

By partnering with 180 Degrees Consulting, we offer firms the opportunity to work with the largest and most experienced professional university-based consultancy in the world. 180 Degrees Consulting provides consultancy services for nonprofits, social enterprises and socially-minded organizations. Consequently, partners will drive meaningful social impact by supporting our consultants via training, mentorships and by offering resources to our consultants. This way, partners are able to give back to the community and invest in the future of consulting.

Interested? We encourage you to reach out to Alexandra Bock at [email protected]


Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg

Tilburg University

5037 AB Tilburg

Sample of Consulting Projects

  • BijlesBureau

    Area: Market Expansion & Restructuring
    Year: 2022

    Creating a market expansion strategy for the organization to scale up by conducting desk research on suitable schools, strategic partnerships and best practices from literature. Additionally, creating a plan for restructuring the board to a student-led organization through designing the board and defining the roles, conducting a cost analysis and research on board wages and the legality of restructuring the board.

    "The consultants of 180 Degrees required little guidance to offer top notch advice on how to scale up. In their final report, the team translated legal, financial and organizational considerations into highly appreciated practical recommendations."
  • Thaki

    Area: International Expansion & Fundraising
    Year: 2022

    Evaluating target markets based on demand and supply metrics, analyzing circular hardware market trends; as well as investigating sources of private and governmental funding while considering the current business model. In addition to performing desk research, conducting expert interviews with key industry players to overcome a lack of readily available information.

    "It is great having a dedicated team working on a specific research question or topic that will help inform your work; the 180 Degrees team was great and very engaging!"
  • Fairphone

    Area: Market Research & Strategy
    Year: 2021

    Conducting and analyzing the findings of a questionnaire and deep-dive interviews aimed at getting insights on relevant demographic information and underlying mechanisms along the customer's journey for the target group: young adults. Additionally, analyzing current marketing streams and making clear recommendations on adjusting these in order to appeal to this new customer segment.

    "Helpful data and analysis done. Very good in general!"
  • Pyropower

    Area: Partnerships (supply chain)
    Year: 2021

    Exploring potential industries relevant for biochar-technology and establishing strategic partnerships within those industries that would enable growth based on sustainable values. A pitch deck with the strongest arguments to convince investors and/or partners to invest into the technology.

    "A great team of passion-driven students that are genuinely interested in the cause. Well done and we would love to work with another team in the future."
  • Global Human Rights Defence

    Area: Marketing & Fundraising
    Year: 2020

    Expanding and redesigning marketing strategy to create a stronger presence in social media. Creating a fundraising strategy to ensure the long-term availability of funds for projects.

    "Very engaged and very professional. Nice people to work with."