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We want to close the opportunity gap that forces many social enterprises in The Netherlands and abroad to operate well below their full potential. We strive to provide our socially conscious clients with the same professional, result-oriented and highly effective consulting services that only larger organizations can afford.

Our mission requires exceptional people. We are committed to fostering a working environment that supports and retains consultants who are exceptionally talented and who possess an unwavering commitment to our organization and its purpose.

180 Degrees Consulting Delft is an inclusive, supportive and value-driven branch wherein every consultant is encouraged to uphold responsibility, given ample opportunities for professional development, and empowered to do work that will make a true difference in society.

– The Management Board


180DC Delft would not be feasible without the support of our amazing partners.
They help us by providing workshops that train our consultants and giving advice to the management board. Or by simply donating resources such as marketing material, media exposure, or money.
Interested in becoming a partner? Please feel free to contact our partnership director Alejandro (acabrera@180dc.org).


Is you organization motivated by a socially impactful goal, but is currently struggling with an obstacle? 180DC Delft might be able to provide you with a team of top university students that can help your organization to conquer the obstacle. If you have a concrete proposal or just want to sit together to discuss the possibilities, please feel free to contact one of our partnership directors, José Ignacio (jdealvearcardenas@180dc.org) or Johannes (jboghaert@180dc.org).


Feeling inspired or motivated by the 180DC motto? Are you ready to make a meaningful impact for socially engaged organizations? Join 180DC Delft!
NOTE: currently, applications are not yet open. Please keep an eye on our website and social media to be up to date with our recruitment process.


Delft, The Netherlands

Delft University of Technology

The Netherlands

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