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Who we are?

180 Degrees Consulting Turin was born in 2014 and since then it is a lot more than just a network of university students. We are a passionate and dedicated team of friends who work together to improve the community we live in, sharing goals, and build on each other’s ideas. All this in order to succeed together as a one-of-a-kind team of friends aiming to solve problems that matter.

Our branch invests in students and young people with innovative ideas, entrepreneurship, and cares to get involved. Through passionate training and effective mentorship provided by our team and our advisors working in the consulting industry, we improve always more our skills.


What our job is about?

At 180 Degrees Consulting Turin we collaborate closely with local NGOs and Non-Profits to improve their operations and help them increase their social impact and scale. We truly believe in them, supporting their missions and sharing their determination to shape a better community with equal opportunities for all individuals.

Our student association is organized like a real consultancy company, divided into internal functional areas (operations, finance, partnership, HR, marketing etc.); for more information about our consulting projects, at the bottom of this page, you can see some samples of projects completed.


Background and language requirements

It is mandatory to be signed up in a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree course under Polito or Unito. We accept student’s applications starting from the second year of the bachelor’s degree.

We are looking for students with a differentiated background, good entrepreneurship, and an attitude for team working. If you are not a student in economics, engineering, management, or finance it’s not an impediment; but it is an opportunity for us, as it is for you, to improve our capabilities and learn.

Good command of Italian and English is a must to be part of 180DC Turin. Additional language proficiency can be a plus.


Projects duration and workload

180DC projects take place usually from October to April and comprise two university semesters. Projects leave sufficient time for study day by day, especially during the exam period. Consultants work 4 to 6 hours per week on average, but the time can increase depending on your interest.

Volunteering and membership fee

Everybody is involved in 180 Degrees Consulting works pro bono (without a paycheck). Instead, you gain valuable consulting experience, increase your network with both exceptional students and interesting actors in the business, and not least you get to make an impact!

We require an annual fee of 25,00€ for every associate that must be conferred in November. This fee will be used for sustaining the projects, for the events and for the 180DC Turin branch needs.


Our recruitment process

Step 1 – Application: On this page click on “Apply now”. Then select the Turin branch during our application period (from the 24th August 2022 to the 30th September 2022). Submit your CV.

Step 2 – Individual Assessment: If you will be considerate a valid candidate, you will be contacted in the next weeks by an HR member for the first recruiting session on Google Meet.

Step 3 – Results: A response will be sent to you in any case before 6th of October.

If you have any further questions with regard to the application process or our association or need help in general please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 


Furthermore, we have scheduled one Q&A webinar to present our branch and answer personally to your questions.

1° date: 13th September h21




Turin, Italy



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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Pharmercure

    Area: Pharmaceutical
    Year: 2021

    Is a start-up company operating in the pharmaceutical field that makes it possible to order any product that can be bought in a pharmacy, including prescription drugs, and receive them conveniently at home the same day

    - Develop marketing strategy for B2C market
    - Formulate marketing campaign through competitor analysis and online questionnaire.
  • Seagreen

    Area: Naval design
    Year: 2021

    Sea Green Engineering is a naval design company founded with the idea of creating a flexible and dynamic reality.

    It consists of highly specialised Naval Architects and Maritime Engineers with a network of collaborators providing a multidisciplinary team capable of tackling any design challenge with quality and efficiency.

    - Market research for the 'Farad' super capacitor ferry prototype.
    - Drafting of the business plan to present three ferry versions to investors and/or ship owners.
  • Microlab

    Area: Social inclusion
    Year: 2021

    MicroLab is an association that exclusively pursues social solidarity purposes. In practical terms, it offers free training, business mentoring and job orientation to all those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

    - Crowdfunding initiative in support of the 'Woman To Be Free' project
    - Drafting of the social balance sheet report
  • Dott

    Area: Electric mobility
    Year: 2020

    The company asked to 180dc Turin for an external and unbiased analysis of the electric mobility sector in order to implement a go - to - market strategy in new European countries;
    So our project team conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the industry in search of trends, opportunities and success factors.

    - Sharing with DOTT the results of market research and consequent implementations.
    - Increase competitiveness through competitor analysis.
  • Visionary

    Area: Events association
    Year: 2019

    The association needed to create an internal Business Plan to understand the current situation of the association in the "Events" market.
    The 180dc team created a Business Plan from scratch, analysing competitors and deepening the value proposition.

    - Better understanding of position in the marketplace.
    - Discovery of weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Amnesty International

    Area: Merchandising and comunication develoment
    Year: 2017

    Merchandising and Communication Plan for Amnesty International:
    •Statistic Data about Turin
    • Events
    •Communication and advertising

    1. Merchandise planning (both sales and orders) and Local Communication strategy (channels to use, messages to deliver etc.)
    2. Reading to the public, benefit events, sports tournaments, itineration training course, artistic performance, social media, sponsors, and crowdfunding.
  • Serming

    Area: Warehouse management
    Year: 2017

    Sermig is one of the biggest Onlus in Italy, for sure the biggest in Turin.
    Its social commitment regards several areas: welcoming and supporting to homeless people and immigrants, social integration for immigrants, training and sections for youngsters on themes as global leaving and communitarian values, and after-school activities to children in the area.
    There is a logistic issue: different volunteers can access the warehouse
    (estimated warehouse value = 200.000 euros)
    It is difficult to control the regular flow of the merchandising (what is coming in, what is going out, and what is the value of the total sales produced)

    Our solution:
    1° step: analysis of the situation.
    2° step: structuring the Solution: an open-access Online Form.
    Final result
    A Google Form accessible by every volunteer who can write what he has taken out from or has put inside the warehouse with an automatic check on the management tool.
    Only the administrator has control over the management tool generate, to easily monitor the WH flows, values, actual status, and to secure a solid data structure.
    1. A huge reduction of time spent to monitor and check the WH values for the WH supervisor (a paid worker)
    2. The possibility to generate coherent invoices, precise and reliable, with a constant awareness of the WH flows values.
    3. The possibility to measure consistently the WH impacts in terms of the official social report, increasing the value of the Onlus activities.

    Area: Digital development
    Year: 2016

    ESSERCI is a Cooperative of type A which deals with human services, in response to the needs of the local community. It‘s a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to give citizenship to the rights and needs of individuals, families and local communities.
    Two different teams (Project A and B) got involved in order to meet the client needs.
    Project A Phase 1: enhance the efficiency of the Database: how to extract and manage data of Human Resources and Projects.
    Project A Phase 2: development of the handbook in order to customize it for client’s goals and to spread the knowledge of the Database within ESSERCI.
    Project B Phase 1: enhancing the efficiency of the server.
    Project Phase 2: training sessions and handbook development.

    Project A Phase 1
    HR Management: Only one DB extraction is sufficient to obtain all the relevant information regarding the employees/volunteers.
    Projects Management
    Only one DB extraction is sufficient to obtain the relevant information regarding all the ongoing projects in one Excel file.
    Project A Phase 2
    Thanks to 180 DC commitment every current and future employee/manager of the Cooperative has access to a detailed source of information about the Database.
    The client can now easily replicate the queries and save time and money for the data management. The information for the top management is clear and detailed and every employee can extract it.
    Project B Phase 1
    Improved flexibility of working and time spent to obtain managerial data Loss/theft/compromised server risk reduction
    Project B Phase 2
    Increased the knowledge about the tool - Developed a tool in order to transmit the knowledge
  • H4O

    Area: Ops and Planning; Communication and Marketing
    Year: 2015

    H4O is an Italian NGO aiming to improve and ensure the physical and moral integrity and dignity of all humans. The Organization operates in Madagascar and its final goal is to improve the sanitary conditions for the local population to enable communities to start growing independently.

    180DC’s collaboration with H4O can be outlined in two main workstreams:
    1) Ops and Planning: research of possible national advocacies and financial support; creation of an effective accounting tool; definition of a logistics program to transfer materials from Italy to Africa.
    2) Communication and Marketing: definition of a new communications strategy (with the aim of gaining more visibility locally and internationally); organization of marketing events; creation of a new Facebook page and website Q&A.

    Project Outcomes:
    1) Achievement of the Piedmont County Advocacy and Financial Support;
    2) New collaboration with the Pharmacy Faculty of Turin to start producing drugs in Madagascar to improve the life expectancy of the population;
    3) 100+ posts in three months and1,000+ likes on Facebook page.

    “180 Degrees Consulting made our Organization Scale to levels we have never even thought of and gave us the hope that a better World is something we can actually achieve.”



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