Universitas Brawijaya

Universitas Brawijaya

      Universitas Brawijaya (internationally known as Brawijaya University; Abbreviation: UB) is an Indonesian public ivy league research university located in Malang, Indonesia, founded on January 5, 1963. Based on the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, UB’s position for the 2020 ranking is in position 2 on the level of Indonesia. Meanwhile, for the 2020 ranking based on the indicators of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), UB is ranked 201-300 in the world.

      Brawijaya University consists of 18 faculties, 77 undergraduate study programs, 5 diploma study programs, 69 master, professional and specialist study programs, and 23 Doctorate study programs. According to UNIPAGE, Brawijaya University has more than 50,000 students, 600 foreign students, and 230 professors currently. We are proud of Brawijaya University as an institution that is committed to giving back to society and making a positive impact on others, as illustrated by our university’s motto: “Building Up Noble Future”.

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180 Degrees Consulting – Universitas Brawijaya

180 Degrees Consulting UB

    180 Degrees Consulting Universitas Brawijaya is a part of global student-led consultancy focused for servicing non-profits and social organizations. The UB branch of 180 Degrees Consulting was established on 15 September 2021. We have two main arms: Consulting (which is client-facing) and Sustainable Organization (which is public-and-internal-facing). In consulting, project leaders and project analysts will assist the clients by running a consulting project as a means of helping them to overcome any challenges they might be facing or by just helping them take that next step towards where they want to be to maintain a sustainable organization, functional analysts will manage the operations of our newly founded branch to ensure it will run smoothly and sustainably as a means of our succession planning.

    180 Degrees Consulting Universitas Brawijaya (UB) exists to help them to maximize the potentials of Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Social Enterprises by providing affordable consulting services by our qualified and trained students. Our ability comes from teamwork, in line with our internal motto: Moto 180 DC UB.

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Universitas Brawijaya (UB)


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