Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting UMass Amherst! We provide affordable, high quality consulting services for non-profits and social enterprises.

Founded in July of 2019, the UMass Amherst branch represents a team of diverse, high-achieving, creative and socially conscious students passionate about making a genuine impact on the world around them. We work with various leading non-profits in Massachusetts and hold the highest reputation of professionalism and delivering advice of the highest quality to our clients.

Prospective Clients:

If you represent an organization or enterprise interested in the consulting services that 180 Degrees Consulting UMass Amherst offers, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 2 business days with more information regarding our services.


180 Degrees Consulting works effectively by recruiting from a diverse range of backgrounds and bringing together a broad range of skills this provides. If you are a student brimming with bright ideas and have a desire to make a real difference with your skill-set, then we encourage you to apply so that we can help you realize your potential. We encourage you to watch this quick video to gain an overview of the value we can provide to your professional and personal development through your involvement with us.

As much as 30% of student consultants across all 180 Degrees branches come from some form of Humanities background, while the rest are from a diverse set of other areas of study. We encourage students from all backgrounds and areas of study to apply to be a consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting UMass Amherst – it is our strong belief that well-diversified teams are the most successful ones. Effective applicants are those who have strong academic performance, analytical skills, motivation, collaborative skills, and who demonstrate a passion for social impact consulting and the nonprofit sector. These attributes may be demonstrated in your application through your education, past work experience, career aspirations, extra-curricular involvement, and leadership roles.

Why Join 180 Degrees Consulting?

By joining our team you will be equipped with the opportunity and skills to make a genuine and lasting social impact. As a 180 Degrees consultant, you will work hand-in-hand with leading Massachusetts-based non-profits, tackling their toughest problems as an organization, and complement the knowledge acquired from your degree with practical work experience. Our consultants are heavily supported throughout their tenure by our network of Engagement Managers, Executive Board members and mentors from professional management consulting firms. A variety of training sessions, social events, and networking opportunities are also held throughout the quarter to further complement the consultant experience.

Our application for Spring 2021 is now closed. Our next recruitment cycle will be in Fall 2021. Check our Instagram page to stay updated with our recruitment events!


University Of Massachusetts, Amherst

University Of Massachusetts, Amherst


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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Housing Assistance Corporation on Cape Cod

    Area: Housing Services
    Year: 2021

    We are currently working to improve social media and educational strategy for HAC on Cape Cod, which serves to homelessness prevention housing stabilization to middle and low-income workers on Cape Cod, while empowering them to pursue their personal financial goals.