Welcome to the branch page for 180 Degrees Consulting – University of Montreal.
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180 Degrees Consulting at University of Montreal provides high-quality, high-impact consulting services to non-profit organizations and social enterprises in the Greater Montreal area.

We provide socially conscious organizations with high quality and affordable consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for whatever challenges they may be facing.

We help organizations to…

  • Improve their financial sustainability
  • Operate as efficiently as possible, so that donation revenue goes further
  • Be more data-driven in their decision-making
  • Develop a workable business plan
  • Run the most effective programs possible
  • Measure their social impact
  • Expand to new geographical areas
  • Improve their human resource management and volunteer recruitment
  • Improve their branding and marketing
  • Work out organizational priorities
  • Increase the number of people they are able to help


Our team of social impact leaders with a passion for helping others and solving modern business challenges strives to produce innovative and lasting results for our clients.

Click here to apply. If we are not currently recruiting, we will contact you in our next recruitment period.


Feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn.


2900 Edouard Montpetit Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H3T 1J4

University of Montreal

Quebec H3T 1J4

Branch Leadership Team

  • Anthony Gagnon

    Anthony Gagnon

    Co-Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder

    [email protected]
  • Maxence Prieur-Couture

    Maxence Prieur-Couture

    Co-Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder

    [email protected]
  • Adam Messaoudi

    Adam Messaoudi

    President & Co-Founder

    [email protected]
  • Jérémy Laganière

    Jérémy Laganière

    Director of Finance

  • Anastassia Levintsouk

    Anastassia Levintsouk

    Director of Communication

  • Paul Paclot

    Paul Paclot

    Director of External Relations

  • Santiago Anaya

    Santiago Anaya

    Consulting Director

  • Jacquet Johlane

    Jacquet Johlane

    Consulting Director

  • Soufiane Fezza

    Soufiane Fezza

    Consulting Director