Welcome to Mannheim

We are 180 Degrees Mannheim: Students from all departments of the University of Mannheim who want to support social enterprises and associations in the surrounding area with energy and commitment.

We combine ethical awareness with economic thinking and create space for individual ideas of our clients. The goal is to maximize the social impact of social enterprises and associations through our consulting services by reaching more people, while at the same time calculating costs.

Through your participation, you can gain your first practical experience in the field of sustainability and in dealing with clients. In addition, we offer you numerous workshops, exciting projects, mentoring programs and individual feedback, from which you can grow personally and together in the team. Outside of consulting, the door is open for you to join the board, where you can learn to coordinate and manage an NGO.

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Applications for are closed!

As soon as the application process opens again we hope to welcome you at 180DC Mannheim 💚.

Interested in a Cooperation?

We are always happy to cooperate with companies in order to offer the best workshops, cases and presentations to our ambitious members. In exchange you can advertise your company and projects or just voluntarily support your future employees. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

If you, as a asocial impact company, need support on a project, please contact us. We would love to form a furious Team of Consultants to support you in the best way possible.



University of Mannheim


Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Unbelibubble

    Area: Fair Trade & Food
    Year: 2022

  • BloomCoding

    Area: IT & Education
    Year: 2022

  • Hydropower Company

    Area: Energy
    Year: 2022

  • Houts

    Area: Fashion & Sustainability
    Year: 2022

Branch Leadership Team