Welcome to the University of Nottingham branch of 180 Degrees Consulting! We are a member of the world’s largest university-based consultancy and can’t wait to continue our work in the 2019/2020 academic year.

Our mission is to partner the passionate and talented students of the University of Nottingham with socially conscious organisations to create positive social impact.


Why apply to be a 180DC Consultant?

Make a difference – you will get to make a difference by helping socially conscious organisations improve the way they operate and to overcome challenges they are facing. If you can improve how a large charity operates, even in a small way, this will have a far greater impact than raising a few hundred or even a few thousand pounds.

Get work experience and work directly with non-profit organisations and social enterprises – You will get to apply your university studies in a practical environment.

Meet and network with like-minded students around the world – With branches all over the world, students who are part of 180 Degrees Consulting have many opportunities to engage with their peers in other branches.


If you represent a social enterprise or non-profit, and are interested in taking advantage of the consulting services that 180 Degrees Consulting Nottingham can offer you, I encourage you to get in touch with our President, Howard Blackbee, at hblackbee@180dc.org.

He will be able to give you more information about our client engagement period, offer you more detail about our services and work with you to understand how best we can help your organisation.


University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, NG7 2RD

University of Nottingham


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