The 180 Degrees University of Pennsylvania branch, founded in 2013, provides high quality consulting services for non-profits, social enterprises, and socially minded for-profit companies. Our consultants work with clients in various fields such as healthcare, education, international development, and human rights. We encourage you to reach out to for questions on our recruiting process and organizational structure.

180 Degrees Consulting is about making an impact on your community, learning valuable consulting and leadership skills, and working with a fabulous family. We accept students from every major and all four undergraduate schools, and we are excited to learn more about you. Experience is not a prerequisite by any means; we simply care about your interest in learning new things and solving problems!

– The 180 Degrees Consulting Executive Board


3451 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States

Phone: +1 (732) 778-7147

University of Pennsylvania

United States

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Branch Leadership Team

  • Linda Ashmead

    Linda Ashmead

  • Anova Sahoo

    Anova Sahoo

    Consulting Director

  • Nathan Chiu

    Nathan Chiu

    Consulting Director

  • Emily Tan

    Emily Tan

    Director of Professional Development

  • Hoonie Kim

    Hoonie Kim

    Social Director



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