180 Degrees UQ was founded in early 2014. The branch has been working with various non-profits to help them to achieve their social impact goals. The consulting projects have focussed on strategy, marketing, fundraising, and organisational structure.

The UQ Branch typically runs 4-5 projects each semester, with opportunities for consultants to apply at the beginning of each semester. Recruitment sessions are run during specified time throughout Orientation Week in Semester 1, and throughout Week 1 of classes in Semester 2. More specific details of these sessions can be found on our Facebook page in the weeks leading up these sessions.


University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

University of Queensland


Sample of Consulting Projects

  • SEED

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2014

    The organization strives to provide sustainable and supportive employment for people who are long term unemployed and excluded from the traditional labour market.

    180 Degrees Consulting is assessing the competitiveness of SEED's commercial cleaning service and market potential. The team is also assessing whether businesses attach value to the social impact of SEED's commercial cleaning service and whether the organization may leverage this potential differentiation.
  • Spark

    Area: Sponsorship
    Year: 2014

    Spark's aim is to break down barriers to accessing a university education. Spark currently takes the form of a 6-day residential program for Years 10-12 students who face obstacles to university, including indigenous, refugee and low socio-economic backgrounds.

    The 180 Degrees Consulting team will be developing a sponsorship model and will also be recommending a revised organisational structure.
  • Orange Sky Laundry

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2016

    Orange Sky Laundry is Australia's first mobile laundry service for the homeless. In 2016 the founders of OSL were named the Young Australians of the Year.

    180 Degrees consulting completed two semesters of work with Orange Sky Laundry. Our work was largely focused on exploring ways to improve volunteer and donor satisfaction.

Branch Leadership Team