180 Degrees Consulting was founded at The University of Sydney (USYD) in 2007. Our team of 96 innovative, passionate and socially-minded student consultants help 16 non-for-profits expound their social impact each semester. We connect the untapped capabilities of university students with unmet needs of socially conscious organisations, who then work in teams to spend the semester researching and preparing innovative, practical, sustainable and quality recommendations to overcome challenges our clients face and make a tangible impact.


Be part of an international network of talented students, who are driven by a passion to create positive change. Our consultants represent over seven degrees and are selected for their academic excellence, extra-curricular involvement, leadership, teamwork skills and genuine passion for our work. We welcome students of all degree backgrounds and years to join 180 Degrees Consulting at USYD. Past consultants have studied mathematics, commerce, science, law, sustainability, economics, arts, engineering and medicine, and have come from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. If you:

  • Are passionate about creating real social impact
  • Have a knack for solving problems creatively using critical analysis
  • Are itching to find a way to use skills learned at university in a practical way
  • Have effective communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Are wishing to pursue a career in NFPs or management consulting

Then, you are who we are looking for. A project at USYD looks something like this:

Overview of Projects at USYD

  • Weekly team meetings – you will be in a team consisting of 5 consultants, lead by 1 team leader and overseen by a consulting director. Each week, you will meet once to discuss project direction and work on the project with your team.
  • Project work – you will have deliverables set out in your project brief, which are due throughout the semester.
  • Client meetings – you will meet with your client throughout the semester and update them on project progress.
  • Mentor meetings – you will meet with your industry mentor for project guidance. We have industry mentors from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Oliver Wyman (OW), AlphaBeta and Nous. In 2018, we also introduced an internal mentoring program, which pairs executive members with consultants to foster a stronger 180 community at USYD.
  • Tailored training – you will receive hours of training led by industry leaders and experienced executive members in the form workshops and an induction training.

We also have socials, regional events, such as the Social Impact Case Competition (hosted by an industry partner), and internal events, such as the Hackathon introduced in 2018. To keep updated with our events and open and closing dates for applications, please sign up to our mailing list here, or follow us on social media: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn to keep up with all our posts and updates.

Apply to become a CONSULTANT at The University of Sydney Branch:

Applications for a Semester 2, 2021 Team Leader (TL) position are now OPEN. Click here to apply for TL. (This position is only open to previous 180 Degrees consultants).

Applications for a Semester 2, 2021 Team Member (TM) position are now OPEN. Click here to apply for TM. More information here.

Note: No late applications will be accepted!


We provide high-quality consulting services with the sole aim of helping you achieve your mission and overcome organisational challenges. We have experience working with social enterprises, healthcare providers, medical research centres, environment activist groups, women’s rights centres and non-for-profit community groups – the list is endless. We can help your organisation tackle issues of the following kind:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Marketing – including strategy, digital marketing, branding and social media
  • Expansion
  • Social impact measurement
  • Partnerships
  • Increasing community involvement
  • Technology

The list of projects we are able to assist with is endless too – get in touch with us today at [email protected] for more information.


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Enter your details at this link to be kept up to date about our events, opportunities from our industry partners and more. For any campus recruitment enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or message us on Facebook!


The University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

University of Sydney (USYD)


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Sample of Consulting Projects


    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2019

    Australia’s pre-eminent youth organisation, PCYC is working with Police and community to empower young people to reach their potential.

    "I was impressed by the high calibre of intellect, professionalism and relevance of our engagement with 180DC. Young people are leaders of the future and as an organisation that aspires to empower young people to reach their potential, their analysis and recommendations were highly relevant to our organisation." - CEO, PCYC
  • The Wayside Chapel

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2017

    The Wayside Chapel (TWC) assists people experiencing homelessness and of marginalised circumstances in Sydney through a range of programs aimed at building communities. 180 Degrees helped TWC develop a business plan to realise an initiative aiming to drive community engagement and employment.

    "The team from 180 Degrees were instrumental in assisting Wayside Chapel take a fuzzy concept to a well-constructed business framework. We now have a solid foundation to take our Community Business Hub initiative to the next stage and look forward to a long collaboration with 180 Degrees for continued support with the project (and more into the future)."
  • Rough Threads

    Area: Operations
    Year: 2015

    Rough Threads tackles the challenges faced by marginalised groups in Australia by holding events that cultivate a sense of community and establish support networks. 180 Degrees designed and piloted a survey for Rough Threads in relation to the organisation’s social impact, allowing for operational improvement.

    “We were really impressed by the professionalism of the team and the level of dedication to the project… having access to the team from 180 was extremely valuable. Everyone in the team is a brilliant student. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”
  • Gunawirra

    Area: Operations
    Year: 2014

    Gunawirra is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation that aims to work side-by-side young Indigenous men and women as well as their children aged between 0 and 5 years by encouraging them to seek out services (medical, educational, support networks) and help available to them.

    The project will help Gunawirra to understand and approach challenges they are facing with delivering and implementing their programs, particularly low take-up/participation rates. Research will focus on the strategies used to assist Indigenous groups around the world and ways to increase school attendance.
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2013

    Providing a range of services to over 4000 people, CPA is committed to enhancing the lives of people with cerebral palsy , enabling their full participation in the community and skill development. With respect to this project, the respite division manages four houses providing planned residential respite stays for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy. The NDIS signalled a shift from a welfare funded disability services provision to a competitive marketplace, where clients receive funds to pay for their care at their discretion. CPA required a change management plan to help navigate this change towards provision of a more 'hospitality' focused service tailored to individuals. This was a very challenging, but incredibly exciting project for high performing consultants that called for the team to engage with numerous stakeholders (CPA management, respite managers, service providers, and clients) as the team developed a model to be implemented across the respite centres.

    "Excellent. The students are a breath of fresh air. Quick, innovative thinkers."
  • Compassion

    Area: Strategy
    Year: 2012

    Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. The project was to help develop a business plan for the launch of a new youth strategy initiative.

    "Fantastic. So encouraged to see the level of passion and professionalism exhibited by the team. They were adaptable and responded well to the challenges of understanding a complex brief."

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