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We are the Vienna branch of 180 Degrees Consulting, a team of passionate and driven students from various disciplines working together on projects with social enterprises and NPOs in order to enhance their social impact.

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Do you consider yourself…
… motivated, dedicated and passionate
… with a genuine interest in creating social impact
… ready for a potential professional experience in consulting
… and able to commit to 5-10 hours per week to work on an exciting project?

The path to become a 180 DC consultant and join our family:

  • First step is the online application: submit your CV and fill out our application form. Please try to keep your answers short and simple – there is no need for an essay.
  • As a second step, you will be invited to our Assessment Center. We will introduce our organisation before you will participate in a group and an individual case.
  • After we have assessed the performance and fit of all applicants, we will contact you about your acceptance in the third step.

What we do 

We work on innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for non-profits and socially-conscious organisations. Students get to make a difference by improving the way these organisations operate and help them master strategic challenges while receiving valuable individual coaching and feedback by experts. Our highly motivated student consultant teams offer their diverse know-how, passion and time to achieve the greatest social impact for our clients.

Why we do it 

There is no shortage of organisations that desire to improve the state of the world. Thousands of non-profits and social enterprises aim to improve education, health, economic and environmental outcomes. Many of them have not reached their full potential and are constrained by limited resources/time/staff and money. We connect the untapped capabilities of Vienna’s top university students with the unmet needs of socially minded organisations. Our student teams offer the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem-solving ability to establish tailored solutions to problems our project partners are facing.

What a semester with us looks like 

The consulting projects with the clients last one semester (October-February / March-July). During this period our consultants work in a team of four people and in direct contact with our clients. Additionally, they have the opportunity to attend workshops and professional coaching sessions with our partners (e.g. zeb, Horváth & Partners, BearingPoint). A great 180DC community is important to us – during the semester we organise social events such as running cocktails, bowling evenings or BBQs to build a strong network between our current and past consultants.

Why you should join us as a consultant 

Throughout the project you will develop yourself personally and professionally through workshops, expert coachings and direct project experience. While working together in an interdisciplinary team, you will get first-hand consulting experience and obtain valuable skills, such as problem solving, oral and written communication, creative thinking, client management, and cross-cultural communication. You will be part of a highly passionate and motivated community and at the same time make a significant difference through improving the effectiveness of meaningful organisations.

We are proud to be part of an international & diverse network and look forward to welcoming YOU as our next changemakers!


Can I apply if I do not study at WU – University of Business and Economics in Vienna? Do I need to be in a business faculty?
Our consultants have various academic backgrounds from different universities and we are convinced that this is not only highly beneficial for our clients but also for our student consultants and 180DC network. Although some projects may require business knowledge, many aspects of a consulting project do not. The 180DC Vienna team believes that a group of students from diverse backgrounds is essential for a functional and versatile consulting team. We, therefore, encourage students from all faculties to apply.

Can I apply if I do not speak German?
Yes! 50% of our consultants are from non-German-speaking countries, such as USA, Canada, Brasil, Italy or India. All our events, presentations and projects are in English.

Can I apply if I am an exchange student and only in Vienna for one semester?

After a successful application, will I need to complete a “Fellow-Phase”?
No! 180DC Vienna – in opposite to other student consultancies in Vienna – does not have a “Fellow-Phase”. Once you have convinced us at our recruiting days, you are part of a team that works together on a project with one of our clients.

Can I apply although I am still completing my bachelor’s?
Of course! 50% of our consultants are bachelor students, 50% are master students.

Can I apply without any consulting experience?
Yes. Although we do consider previous consulting experience an advantage, a significant proportion of our current team joined with no prior consulting background. We have a network of dedicated mentors and professional partners to improve all our members’ consulting abilities. What is more important to us is an inquisitive mind, hard work and a willingness to learn.

How many hours will I have to invest in my 180DC project per week?
As a consultant 5-8 hours per week, as a team leader 8-10 hours. It is definitely manageable next to your studies.

How is COVID-19 affecting your operations?
After completing three full consulting cycles remotely, we are planning to get our operations back in person. Throughout the semester, the situation will continuously be evaluated, yet at the moment we plan to have our Assessment Center, as well as other events in person.

For further questions please send an email to [email protected] or contact us via Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.


180 DC Vienna

Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Support Ethiopia

    Area: Rural Development
    Year: 2020

    Support Ethiopia is a student-led voluntary NGO based in Vienna with 75 members which aims at supporting Ethiopia’s rural population in their daily life. Safeguarding local water supplies, establishing sanitary facilities, educating on hygienic standards and supporting sustainable cultivation are among the organization’s main goals. The project team provided an analysis and evaluation of Support Ethiopia’s current strategy in procuring donations from private households and corporations, as well as an outline of opportunities for improvement.

    "We are simply stunned by the level of professionalism on which the consultants operated. A thorough analysis leading to highly valuable measures and detailed instructions on how to implement them – we can’t wait so see the changes in our approach and would definitely recommend 180!"
  • Caritas Austria

    Area: Social Services
    Year: 2020

    Caritas Austria is a non-profit organization supporting people in need in the areas of nursing, people with disabilities, hospices, social counseling, working for families in need, elders or asylum seekers. With over 1,600 domestic projects and 50,000 volunteers, the organization is synonymous for supporting people in distress. In order to combat the problem of an increasing lack of social interactions, which often especially affects the elderly and has adverse effects on wellbeing and health, Caritas launched a hotline called “Plaudernetz” that allows affected people to chat with volunteers over the phone. This initiative was he basis for the project work with 180DC Vienna.

    "It was a great experience to work with such a young, international and allover professional team!"
  • erdbeerwoche/ Ready for Red

    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2021

    erdbeerwoche is the first social business from Austria to specialize in menstruation and sustainable period products. It was founded with the aim of initiating a change in the level of awareness around menstruation in society, as well as bringing sustainable monthly hygiene products into the mainstream. In addition to their online store, erbeerwoche launched the digital education program ‘Ready for Red’ which helps to educate teenagers of all genders on menstruation. As it was operating in Austria and Germany the project team of 180 provided a market analysis for other potential areas in Europe for the installation of Ready for Red as well as research on schools that were interested in implementing the platform into their schedule.


    "The team of 180DC Vienna was professional and highly motivated and helped us in the process of opening new markets and they delivered valuable in- and output. We can highly recommend every company a cooperation with 180 Degrees."







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