We at 180 Degrees Consulting Vienna are a student organization based at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna (WU Wien).

Our mission The appetite for companies with a social purpose has never been greater. Our mission is to help those Austrian social enterprises and NPOs that strive to make this world a better place.

How? We offer them our know-how, passion and time to make them stand out, improve their organization and achieve the greatest social impact.

Why do we do that? Because we are young motivated students who believe in making our society a fairer place to live in. Not only we want to give our active contribution to make business more social and sustainable, but we also want to challenge themselves, improve our skills, gain valuable experience and socialize with like mind-people with who we share values and perspectives.



180 DC Dream Team: Vali, Drew, Carmen, Bettina, Sara and Mark


Do you feel like one of us?

Who are we looking for?

– motivated, dedicated and passionate students
– with a genuine interest for creating social impact
– ready for a professional experience in consulting
– with time (8-10 hours per week) to commit to working on exciting projects

Join 180 DC and help companies and NPOs to create a better world!

How does a semester look like?

The consulting projects with the clients last one semester (from October/March until February/July). During this period consultants not only will work in team of normally 4 to 5 people with direct contacts with our clients, but they will also have the opportunity to attend workshops and professional coaching sessions with our partners (e.g PwC, zeb, AT Kearney, TfA, Oliver Wyman). However, 180 DC is also a lot of fun! During the semester we organize social events (e.g running dinner, stammtisch, BBQ) to build a strong network both with our current and past consultants. Join our big family!


First step online application: submit your curriculum vitae and fill out our application form. Please only
submit short answers to the questions, there is no need of writing an essay

Second step After having successful the first selection you will be invited to the Assessment Center. After a short introduction, you will participate in a group business case. But there are several breaks and time to network in between!

Third step After the group case, there will be a personal interview and individual case.


Applications for the SPRING SEMESTER 2019 will be open from the 25th of February until the 17th of March

The Assessment Center will take place the 23rd and the 24th of March


Can I apply if I do not study at WU – University of Business and Economics in Vienna?
Yes! We accept students from every university in Vienna.

Can I apply if I am an exchange student and only one semester in Vienna?

Can I apply if I am in my Bachelors?
Of course! 50% of our consultants are undergraduates, 50% are graduates / Master students.

Can I apply if I have no consulting experience?
Yes! You will gain experience with us.

Can I apply if I do not study business?
Yes! We are looking for consultants with a diverse background, not only business students.


For further questions please send a mail to vienna@180dc.org or contact us via facebook.



apply to Become a Consultant

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Sample of Consulting Projects

  • Collective Energy

    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2017

    Collective Energy (CE) enables SMEs to finance a transition into a more sustainable and
    ecological energy production. To do so, they provide a reward-based presales crowd-funding
    scheme that enables the company’s clients to become their investors by buying vouchers for the
    company’s products, thereby contributing to the purchase of photovoltaic panels that will power
    the company’s operation.

  • UbiGo

    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2017

    UbiGo is a social enterprise which is tackling the problem of increasing individual car rides in rural areas. Due to intensive research since the foundation in 2014, the company gained broad know-
    how about transportation in Austria and sustainable mobility alternatives. The market UbiGo is acting in as a First Mover consist of more than 500 municipalities with up to 15.000 citizens who
    are satisfying their mobility needs by individual car rides. The mission of UbiGo is to transform
    mobility to a socially and economically sustainable system.

  • Wormsystems

    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2017

    Wormsystems is an Austrian based company founded to provide an effective solution to
    recycling organic waste in Austria. Wormsystems produces boxes which populate
    earthworms that transform organic waste to rich soil. The company is currently selling the
    boxes through its online shop and Manufactum, a premium retailer focusing on household
    and garden products.


    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2017

    AMREF Austria is the Austrian branch of the largest African health development NGO based on
    the African continent. Their main goal is to improve medical care in Africa by empowering
    communities and by doing so, enhancing education and reducing poverty in urban, as well as, in
    rural areas. The organization supports particularly women and children to build their knowledge,
    skills and means to improve their health.

  • Act.Now

    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2017

    Act.Now is a 2015 founded social company that emerged out of a private
    initiative. It has set itself the target of fostering respectful and appreciative
    coexistence in times of profound societal changes. In times of deep societal
    changes due to higher refugee immigration and the inability to respond to these
    changes of local and national governments, the organization fights for an
    esteeming and supportive coexistence of the local population and immigrants.

  • goood

    Area: Social Business
    Year: 2018

    goood is a social business with the goal of creating a community based on respect, responsibility and sympathy. To do so, they have established themselves as an innovative and social mobile provider. The organization consists of a German and Austrian team with long-standing expertise in mobile communications and non-profit work. goood offers customers different kinds of mobile contracts, where 10% of the monthly payments are donated to social organizations. The uniqueness is that the customers make the decision which organization will receive the donations. In addition, goood donates 25% of their entire profits to projects with social causes.


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