The world’s largest student student-driven consultancy, now in Pune.


Founded in June 2017, 180 DC VIT, Pune is the first and only branch of 180 Degrees Consulting in Maharashtra. We are committed to providing very high-quality and extremely affordable consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises in Maharashtra and the rest of India to help them improve and live up to their potential!


Are you interested in creating social impact? Are you considering a career in consulting? Do you want to gain valuable first-hand experience in the field?

If you are:

  • motivated, dedicated and passionate student,
  • with a genuine interest for creating social impact,
  • ready for a professional experience,
  • with time to commit to working on exciting projects,

then we would be more than happy to welcome you in 180 Degrees Consulting VIT Pune!

At each stage, we carefully evaluate all candidates according to a set of predefined, objective criteria. We take the recruitment process very seriously and our team is dedicated to finding the most brilliant and motivated students.

Remuneration: Everybody involved in 180 Degrees Consulting works pro bono (without a paycheck). Instead, you gain valuable consulting experience, get a good merit to put on your CV, make contact with both exceptional students and interesting actors in the business and not least: you get to make an impact!

Projects duration: 180 DC projects comprise one university semester. Starting in late July/January and ending in the middle of December/May, they leave sufficient time before the exam period.

Workload: Consultants work 4 to 5 hours per week.

Language requirements: An excellent command of English is a must. Additional language proficiency can be a plus.


Our next recruitment phase will start in late September 2017.

For further inquiries, shoot an e-mail to [email protected]


Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, 666, Upper Indiranagar, Bibvewadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411037

Phone: +918898328834

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT)

Maharashtra 411037

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