The West Australia branch of 180 Degrees Consulting was founded in March 2016.

Founded as the 180 Degrees Consulting of the University of Western Australia, the branch brings together the most enthusiastic and socially-conscious students to create ideas, take practical action and make lasting change. The WA branch works with not-for-profit organisations and strengthens their ability to achieve their social impact goals through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions. Our student consultants are given the opportunity to gain real-world consulting experience whilst having a lasting social impact in the community. 180DC WA is supported by a network of professional industry mentors who provide hands-on coaching to project teams.

Outside of projects, 180DC runs networking and training events open to all WA students, enabling students to interact with industry professionals and gain insight into the world of management consulting.

In 2018, the branch regionalised to 180 Degrees Consulting of Western Australia and caters to students from all West Australian Universities.

Why Become a WA 180 Degrees Consultant?

As a consultant, you will be given the opportunity to gain real-world consulting experience whilst having a lasting social impact in our community. You will also receive hands-on coaching from some of Perth’s best consultancies throughout the academic year, providing you with an opportunity to build your consulting skills and network within the industry. You will also be supported by our network of professional industry mentors and team leaders and be granted access to our extensive 180DC resources.

Team Positions:


  • one semester-long project
  • mentoring and training – building your consulting toolkit
  • access to all WA 180DC events, resources and networks

Team Leader*:

  • work directly with clients to establish projects
  • responsible for client contact and team performance
  • access to all WA and International 180DC events, resources and networks

*Consulting/professional experience required.

The application process for a position on our consulting team will be highly competitive. We encourage you to apply early before roles are filled.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are constantly looking for highly motivated and high-achieving students from Western Australia. To be a successful applicant, you should be able to:

  • engage and communicate in a professional and client-friendly manner
  • critically evaluate problems to find potential solutions
  • work effectively in a dynamic team environment
  • have a demonstrated interest in positive social impact

180DC actively seeks students from a diverse range of disciplines. This ensures that we have thoughtful solutions for our clients regardless of the problem. We encourage all students (irrespective of background) who meet the above criteria to apply.

How Do I Join?

Applications for Semester 1 2021 Consultants and Team Leaders are now open. Please apply via this link.

Applications close Monday, 12th October at 5pm

If you have any recruitment related questions, please send an email to [email protected].

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Working with 180 Degrees Consulting WA

180 Degrees Consulting WA works alongside not-for-profits to generate innovative ideas and solutions to increase their ability to reach their social impact goals. If you are a not-for-profit organisation and are interested in working with 180 Degrees Consulting WA please fill out the client application form here.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected].


35 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia

Western Australia


Sample of Consulting Projects


    Area: Not-for-profit
    Year: 2018

    CARAD is a community based organisation that acts as a voice for the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and detainees, actively campaigning for positive change in refugee processing.

    The 180DC WA team developed a strategy to optimise current funding practices and explore other potential funding sources.

    The team also worked closely with the CARAD team to delivered a revised and refined best in class policies and procedures manual.

    Awarded the 180 Degrees Consulting Gold Award for the best project in 2018
  • Food Rescue

    Area: Not-for-profit
    Year: 2016

    Our team was brought in to advise on the non-renewal of key sponsors, threatening the financial sustainability of the organisation.

    Through a forensic analysis of business data, our team diagnosed the problem and formed a solution. We implemented a digital data collection workflow, and a custom application that has lead to significant productivity gains. Further, we advised on a restructure of the organisation's sponsorship, and assisted in the exploration of new revenue sources.

    "I always felt they were 100% committed to my time... extremely enthusiastic about our project and kept me informed from the start."
  • Plant Energy Biology

    Area: Not-for-profit
    Year: 2017

    The 180DC team at UWA was engaged to assist Plant Energy Biology to devise a market entry strategy for its new Virtual Plant Cell. The team explored a number of market entry options and made recommendations that ensured the success of the Virtual Plant Cell and its future sustainability

    I was truly impressed by 180 Degrees Consulting, the capacity of the team to grasp the scope of the project quickly and comprehensively, distil out the needs of our Organisation and provide, in a professional manner, all of the deliverables that they had set out in the original proposal.
  • Good Samaritan Industries

    Area: Not-for-profit
    Year: 2017

    180DC was engaged to help GSI improve the position of their business within the millennial market. The team conducted three areas of analysis for improve GSI's performance and found that GSI could distinguish itself through superior promotions and targeting.

  • UN Youth Australia

    Area: Not-for-profit
    Year: 2017

    The UWA180DC team worked alongside UN Youth to devise a financial strategy and a scholarship dispersion strategy. This project aimed to increase the ability of UN Youth to provide opportunities to young people in Australia and to increase representation at their national events.

    It was fantastic to see how quickly the team was able to familiarise themselves with the operations of our organisation which is quite complex. They were able to recognise and incorporate our values and priorities into their thinking process, which allowed them to propose solutions that closely aligned to our overall strategic objectives.

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