EMEA Conference 2017

December 4, 2017

Working in a global organisation like 180 Degrees Consulting, it’s always a special occasion when we have the chance to bring together our volunteers from around the world to work together. Our Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) conference this October was one of those occasions, and I think everyone in attendance can agree that it was certainly special.

Of course, the impact that 180 Degrees has goes far beyond simply the projects that we complete, and a second major focus of the conference was encouraging attendees to think about how they can apply the skills they’ve gained from 180 Degrees to help create impact as they continue in their careers. On Friday night our Social Impact in Consulting panel had a fantastic turnout, with Simon Lancaster from Nous Group, Stuart Jefford from PwC, Scott Martin from Deloitte, Matt Baungartner from BCG, Jessie Coates from EY, and Kritarth Saurabh from Accenture there to offer fantastic insight on their experiences of their consulting careers to all our attendees.

We followed this up the next day with a brilliant presentation on social impact consulting from Aly-Khan Jamal, a partner at Dalberg Global Advisors, as well as a panel discussion on Social Entrepreneurship, featuring four fantastic panelists who had founded or were working for social enterprises in the UK or overseas. Many thanks to Megan Karlshøj-Pedersen from The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network, Veronique Cowan from Aspyre Africa, Stephanie Hamilton from The Brilliant Club, and Katherine Davies from Iguacu for their participation on the panel, as well as for their lively conversations with attendees over lunch afterwards. Indeed, every single member of both panel discussions has sent me an email to say that the 180 Degrees audience was the best they’ve ever had the chance to speak to!

Of course, no matter how much work was put into preparing all the scheduled sessions, the highlight of the conference was always going to be the chance to have more than fifty of our members from around the region, all in the same room. There’s an amazing energy that seems to surround 180 Degrees people, and in many ways all that needs to be done is put a few of them in the same place and the ideas start to flow. While we’d scheduled presentations from Sara Catani and Fleur de Braaf, the presidents of our award-winning branches at Bocconi University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, we hadn’t scheduled the dozens of impromptu planning sessions and working groups that broke out at lunch, or at the pub at the end of the day, or frankly any time our attendees got a spare minute. It’s this kind of electric atmosphere that makes 180 Degrees such an amazing place to work, and that makes events like these so rewarding.

So once again, an enormous thank you to every one of our presenters, to Ebony Mather for organising the entire event, to OC&C Strategy Consultants for providing the amazing conference venue, and last but not least to every single person who attended and made the conference such a success. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at next year’s conference!

Andrew Kirk

Deputy Chief Operations Officer