The 180 Degrees Global Consulting Awards aim to publicly recognise, congratulate, and reward the best consultants in 180 Degrees Consulting around the world.

We hope that by celebrating outstanding consulting work we can further encourage our community to perform at its best, thereby maximising the social impact we help our clients to achieve.

Award Levels

There are three levels of awards that are given out by 180 Degrees Consulting each year.

1. Global Award for Best Consulting Worldwide (1 Global Award)
2. Regional Awards for Best Consulting in Region (2 Regional Awards per region)
3. Branch Awards for Best Consulting at the Branch (2 Branch Awards per Branch)

Introducing the Branch Award Winners!

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Past Project Full Extract

Due to client confidentiality – we cannot show you these fantastic projects here. To view these, and other projects, please visit our Past Project Database.
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