Migration Hub

October 28, 2016

Migration Hub Impact_Short2

In her words…

“Ever since I was accepted as a 180 Degrees Consultant in Berlin, it changed my life. It welcomed me to the city and introduced me the greatest change makers, giving a chance to become one myself. 180 Degrees then inspired me to co-found Migration Hub, the first incubator and co-working space exclusively for entrepreneurs working to solve issues around migration and inclusion. Not only did 180 Degrees inspire Migration Hub, but 180 Degrees has also helped Migration Hub to expand throughout Europe so we can support more social entrepreneurs who are creating real impact on refugees in their local communities.” – Ana Alvarez

This is just one of countless stories of how 180 Degrees has changed the lives and career trajectories of our consultants!

To read the full story of how 180 Degrees inspired Ana to create Migration Hub, and then helped Migration Hub to get established and expand, click the link below.