Welcome to your 180 Degrees Consulting Resources Portal. Please use the buttons below to navigate to your desired training and resources.


Operational Resources

“The Basics” – including 180 Degrees Consulting templates and branded materials you can use in your projects, when dealing with clients or in discussions with peers.

Templates - ensure that our clients receive consistent, professional and visually appealing work.

Resource 1 – Powerpoint Template

The official 180 Degrees Consulting Powerpoint template – used for client presentations and meetings. This is a blank template that contains most of the common slide formats to support efficient slide-writing. 

If you have trouble installing the template, please refer to these instructions. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a template, please refer to these instructions.

What it takes to write a killer slide: example slide

Resource 2 – Report template

The official 180 Degrees Consulting Word template – used for research white-papers and reports.


Other resources - enhance your presentations and reports with these extra resources.

Resource 1 – Icons Library

Icons are a great way to improve the effectiveness of your written communications – they grab the viewer’s attention and reduce complexity and clutter on the page. However, remember to use them sparingly! Here’s a few free resources to help you get started:

Resource 2 – Slide Library

This slide library is a curated collection of exhibits that hopefully inspire different ways of presenting information. Feel free to leverage any of the slides in this library for your presentations.

Resource 3 – Image Library

Images are often an effective visual tool to deliver your message and drive impact when used sparingly. Here’s a few free resources where you can find stock photos:

Best practice - our values, our mission and who we are as a global organisation.

Resource 1 – Vision and values

Our vision and values guide the work that we do. These are inseparable principles that are encouraged and expected of us as 180 Degrees Consulting representatives.

Resource 2 – Introducing 180 Degrees Consulting to clients

Consultants can use this presentation when introducing clients to our organisation. It provides a comprehensive overview of who we are, what we do, how we’ve grown, who our clients are and what we seek to achieve as an organisation. Feel free to adapt as appropriate. 

Think Cell - a powerful charting plugin to build out your analysis and make your work more data driven.


Think Cell is a charting plugin which is really useful when building out your analysis and to help make your work more data driven. Think Cell is used in practically every major consulting firm in the world, so it is also a great tool to learn if you are planning to take up consulting internship or graduate roles.

Licensing Rules

Think Cell licenses are usually worth hundreds of dollars per person, but 180DC has worked hard to gain the access to this resource, so please be respectful of this and the Think Cell licensing rules. Please do not circulate this licensing information outside 180DC.

How to Install

You can download the most recent version of Think Cell by submitting your 180dc.org email address here: https://www.think-cell.com/download.

After downloading and installing the software you will be asked for your license key with the next start of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can simply copy and paste the following key into the license key dialog.

Our license key is: YO4HG-8HSOF-T0PI0-MELW4-PMS9E
It is valid until 1/15/2019.

* Can I use think-cell on a Mac?
At the moment, think-cell only runs under Microsoft Office for Windows.

Again, please do not circulate this license outside 180DC. Thank you!

After Installation

Once installed, you can find the plugin in the “Insert” tab on PowerPoint.


Sample slides using Think Cell.