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Thank you for choosing to apply to 180 Degrees Consulting. Please copy and paste the following form onto the "Tell us about yourself" section to complete the application. We will not accept/consider incomplete applications.

Note: The data collected will be solely for the 180 Degrees Consulting application; the selection process and all personal data will be used and kept confidential by 180 Degrees Consulting, and recorded by 180 Degrees Consulting International on a temporary basis. The information will only be retained by 180 Degrees Consulting upon successful recruitment of the applicant.




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Please describe any relevant skills, academic achievements (including average mark), extra-curricular experience, or other factors that would make you a great 180 Degrees consultant. Please also explain your motivation for joining 180 Degrees Consulting.

Please attach a current CV of no more than two pages, in PDF format.

Please indicate whether you would like to be considered for a team leader role, which has a greater time commitment. This will not affect your consultant application.

180 Degrees Consulting is a professional organisation, and we take our commitment to our clients seriously. Being a consultant means committing to several activities, typically requiring at least a few hours per week:

  • Regularly attending team meetings, and being responsive to team communications
  • Meeting with the client on a few occasions
  • Producing one or more deliverables such as consulting reports or presentations
  • Attending an end-of-cycle presentation evening

By submitting your application, you agree to commit to these activities if selected.