Difficult Conversations

The team leaders and consultants in our branches face stringent demands from clients to produce top-quality outputs. The Global Consulting Team recognises that this process can be stressful, and that mitigating this is essential to producing the caliber of work required to achieve 180 Degrees’ Consulting standards.

What if one of your consultants is underperforming? What if you’ve encountered strained relations with a team member? What happens when you are required to meet a tight deadline for the client?

The focus of this training page is on dealing with such difficult conversations and situations.

How do difficult conversations come about?


  • Anne is performing poorly in her work for last few months and others have complained about her lack of commitment
  • Previously this is not a trait that she has shown in the 2 years she has worked for 180 DC

Possible problem areas:

  • Find the reasons for her performance falling short – Personal/ Professional commitment(s)/issue(s)?
    • Lack of interest/growth opportunities/motivations?
    • Not feeling useful/heard by others about her ideas?
    • Anything else?

Approach to a solution:

The team leader spoke to a few of Anne’s peers to assess the situation. He decided to have a conversation with Anne, and set about preparing his own thoughts on how to accomplish a solution to the issue through a conversation. He spoke to Anne keeping all the above mentioned steps in mind and repeating the process to understand and reach a solution. Anne’s reasoning and statements makes it clear for the team leader that there was a motivational issue. This was clear after few iterations of “Steps to follow” and listening to Anne. This helped him to approach a solution to the issue of Anne’s performance through understanding the underlying problem.