TED Talk on Social Impact and Hypocrisy by the Founder of 180 Degrees

August 17, 2015


In this insightful talk, Nat Ware (@NatJWare) explains why we shouldn’t call out hypocrites, and what to do instead.

Too often, Nat says, we use the hypocrisy of others as an excuse for inaction, and charity as an excuse to do anything. We target charitable messengers and avoid critiquing charitable messages. Nat argues that the exact opposite should be true.

Nat explains that the people we call hypocrites often aren’t actually hypocritical. Their hypocrisy is an illusion. As such, focussing on the hypocrisy of the messenger is inaccurate and misguided. Instead, Nat argues that we should focus on the validity of the message because this helps to maximize impact. We should not target charitable messengers, and critiquing charitable messages should no longer be taboo.

Nat challenges us all to “rebut the message not the messenger” because what matters more than doing an action is the impact of that action. According to Nat, small minds rebut people but great minds rebut arguments!