Google Analytics

May 18, 2014

Google Analytics is the premier free website analytics tool that NGOs can use to track the effectiveness of their website as a marketing and information delivery platform. Google Analytics offers a rich set of data gathering and analytics features such as:

  • Dashboards to gather the most relevant data in a single view
  • Intelligence Events that highlight significant data trends for further investigation
  • Real-Time data on who’s browsing your website and the actions they’re taking
  • Audience in terms of their demographics, interests, location and devices used to browse your website.
  • Key Behaviour metrics such as number of pageviews, visitors, clicks, time spent and the sequence of pages which visitors visited.

Such data offers significant benefits for NGOs. If a NGO is conducting an awareness campaign, and their media releases link to a webpage with the Google Analytics Tracking Code installed, they can learn how many people got the message and are visiting the site. Furthermore, they can set up multiple ‘Donate Now’ pages and track which one works best through Google Analytics. There may be pages that users frequently exit the website from as well. By identifying these pages, NGOs can improve the content and design on these pages to keep visitors engaged.