180 Degrees Consulting was founded by Nat Ware in September 2007. Nat had previously undertaken charitable work in Mozambique, and it was this work that made him realize that “in the game of social impact, method trumps money.” He realized that the effectiveness of funds is even more important than the level of funds, yet most non-profit organizations and social enterprises do not have access to affordable high-quality consulting services. At the same time, Nat realized that talented university students have more to offer than simply collecting money or raising awareness.

On one hand there were non-profits crying out for thoughtful advice, and on the other hand there were talented, creative students who wanted to make a meaningful difference. Connecting the two, the idea for 180 Degrees Consulting was born. 

To test the notion that talented university students can add real value to organizations, Nat led a pilot consulting project in Hong Kong with the Crossroads Foundation. The project received very positive feedback from both Crossroads and the volunteer consultants. The following feedback was given:

“The recommendations were immensely useful. Many have since been adopted, with significant improvements to the functioning of the organization as a result. It was invaluable to have someone come in with fresh eyes to think creatively and critically about how Crossroads could overcome certain obstacles to the provision of social goods.” – H. Mottee

Given the success of this pilot project, Nat worked hard to establish and grow 180 Degrees Consulting.

Since then, 180 Degrees Consulting has expanded rapidly and is now the world’s largest university-based consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises.