At the international level, 180 Degrees Consulting is led by the following people. To see the leaders of specific 180 Degrees branches, go to the relevant branch webpage.

Board of Directors

  • Nat Ware

    Founder, CEO and Chairman

    Dr. Nat Ware founded 180 Degrees Consulting in September 2007. As the Founder and CEO, Nat has grown 180 Degrees from nothing into the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, with branches in 35 countries. He has been responsible for developing and executing the strategic objectives of 180 Degrees. Nat has a long-standing interest in developing business solutions to social problems. He is a Rhodes Scholar, a Forbes 30 Under 30 list maker, the Australian State Young Achiever of the Year, a Goldman Sachs Global Leader, a World University Public Speaking Grand Finalist, and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Nat initially completed a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) at the University of Sydney, where he was awarded the University Medal (top academic award) and Convocation Medal for Best All-Rounder (1st/40,000 students). He then completed an MBA and a Masters in Development Economics at Oxford University, where he was awarded the Saïd Prize for Top Oxford MBA Student and the Arthur Lewis Prize for Best Performance in Development Economics. In addition to leading 180 Degrees, Nat has worked as a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University, an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia, as a World Vision Ambassador, as Executive Director of the Young Leaders Network, and has taught the postgraduate course ‘Innovation, Strategy and Global Business’. Nat has also completed a full Ironman triathlon, swum the English Channel to raise money for mental health initiatives, raised significant funds to rebuild a school in Mozambique and build an orphanage in Thailand, and has given three acclaimed TEDx talks on social impact that have been viewed over 800,000 times. Nat is also the only ever Two-Time Global Winner of the St Gallen Wings of Excellence Award (1st/920 contestants in 2017 and 1st/1300 contestants in 2018). Furthermore, he has invented both a new way to finance reskilling for disadvantaged individuals known as Tradeable Income-Based Securities (TIBS), and a new way of measuring social impact known as Discounted Expected Marginal Impact (DEMI). To connect with Nat on LinkedIn go to and on Twitter go to

  • Edward Miller

    Board Director

    Edward has played an instrumental role in the growth and success of 180 Degrees since the beginning. His focus is on financial sustainability, operational efficiency, and global partnerships. He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney, where he was the Deans Undergraduate Scholar for Economics and recipient the Eliot v Eliot Prize for his work in Industrial Relations Policy. Edward is a talented communicator, winning both the World Universities Debating Championship and the Australasian Universities Debating Championship in 2015, and serving as a speechwriter to senior Australian political and business figures over the course of 2013. He has a history of involvement in social enterprise, successfully negotiating a global training and sponsorship agreement with a top tier consultancy on behalf of 180 Degrees, and being awarded runner up in the international final of the Challenge Future Social Innovation Competition. He has a keen interest in public policy and development economics, which he was fortunate to apply as an analyst for the managing director of Australia’s largest and best performing Private Equity fund.

  • Mishka Nikolas

    Board Director and Chief Consulting Officer

    Mishka has worked in numerous fields including tax consulting, marketing strategy, data analytics, business strategy and law. He loves both leadership and specialist roles and enjoys immersing himself in teams. Mishka has a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Business Strategy, Economic Management and International Business) from UNSW, and a Masters of Business Law from the University of Sydney. Mishka was fortunate to take a year off from his career to work on the ground at various charities across South America, including permaculture farms, community enrichment/training centres, start-up schools and animal shelters. He is passionate about philanthropy and charitable organisations.

Global Leadership Team

  • Andrew Kirk

    Executive Director

    Andrew has been involved in 180 Degrees since 2012, first at the Australian National University branch and later with the Global Leadership Team. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Economics; and by day works as a Senior Data Scientist with UnitedHealth Group, where his research is focused on deep learning techniques for disease prediction and efficiency savings in the healthcare industry. He has previously worked as a researcher for the Australian Department of Defence and as a consultant in both Australia and Ireland. Outside of 180 Degrees, Andrew also volunteers as a Teaching Assistant for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's ReACT program, where he helps deliver MIT Computer Science courses to refugees and internally displaced people in Jordan.


  • Kim Brander

    Deputy COO

    Kim has been involved with 180 Degrees since 2016, first founding the Helsinki branch and later being a part of the Global Leadership Team. Kim is currently a Consultant with Ernst & Young in Helsinki, joining the firm in 2017 and focusing on Financial sector. He holds a Master of Science degree from Aalto University and degree in CEMS Global Management program. He is passionate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship, having volunteered for Slush (the focal point of European startups) for 4 years in a row in various roles.

  • Lennard Iosif


    Lennard is Chief Operating Officer, having worked with the 180 Degrees Melbourne Branch since 2015. He studied Mathematics and Commerce at the University of Melbourne, and was President (Melbourne) and Global Chief Operations Officer of the Asia-Pacific Youth Organisation. Professionally, Lennard is a Management Consultant with Accenture, where he specialises in operational issues for clients in the telecommunications sector.

  • Peyton Lausch

    Director of Global Operations

    Peyton works with branches across the globe as Director of Global Operations. She began her involvement with 180 Degrees as the Director of Finance at George Mason University in 2013. Peyton is currently at the University of Oxford where she is pursuing a MSc in Social Anthropology and a Master in Business Administration. Having worked in both the public and private spheres, she is interested in cross-cultural collaboration as a tool to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues.

  • Evan Petschke

    Director of Global Operations

    As Director of Global Operations, Evan supports branches in the Americas region. She first joined 180 Degrees as a lead consultant at the George Mason University branch in 2014. Evan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East and a Masters of Arts in Global Affairs specializing in Economic Development. Evan has experience working for the legislative branch of the U.S. government, and currently works as a management consultant in Washington, D.C. with a focus on federal clients. Evan is particularly interested in the intersection between public policy and social entrepreneurship. She aims to work toward developing entrepreneurial-minded policies to trigger sustainable development across the globe


  • Ana Musson

    Chief Financial Officer

    As Chief Financial Officer, Ana oversees the Finance, Legal, Grants and Partnerships teams within the Global Leadership Team. She is responsible for the financial strategy and sustainability of 180: both at the organisational and branch level. Ana has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, majoring in Commercial Law. Prior to joining 180, Ana worked at Ernst & Young for 3 years, specialising in corporate structuring and multinational compliance. She now works as a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte in Sydney. Ana has a strong background and commitment to social enterprise, having been awarded a citizenship award from the Order of Australia at 17, and more recently being invited to Stanford University’s ASES Summit, reserved for the top 35 collegiate entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific, for her efforts in social entrepreneurship.

  • Kailee Costello

    Global Finance Director

    Kailee has been involved with 180 Degrees since 2015, holding a number of roles at the University of Queensland branch. In 2018 she joined the Global Leadership Team as a Global Finance Director. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, and has 4 years experience working as an undergraduate accountant in Business Services. Kailee has held financial management roles in a number of organisations, including managing a budget in excess of $250,000 for the 2017 Australasian Debating Championships. Having recently graduated, Kailee will be commencing as an Associate Consultant with Bain & Company in 2019


  • Nick Charinos

    Director of Business Development

    As a Director of Business Development, Nick is responsible for client applications coming to 180DC and for client acquisition to expand 180DC services worldwide. He has graduated with a BA in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and with an MSc in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. Having interned at two large consulting companies (Deloitte and KPMG), he ventured into the start-up and social enterprise scene, working for a Rocket Internet start-up and finishing 7th out of 25,000 teams in the Hult Prize Global Social Entrepreneurship competition. After working as a Project Manager for 180DC in Stockholm during his Masters, he pursued an exchange semester at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he discovered a passion for diplomacy, working at the Greek Embassy in Beijing. Currently, Nick is working at the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations in New York.

  • Achintya Saurabh

    Director of Business Development

    As the Global Growth Director, Achintya is responsible for high profile client acquisition, coordinating the opening of new branches and developing and executing the expansion efforts of 180 Degrees around the globe. He graduated from The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (USA) with a degree in Economics from the College of Liberal Arts, and holds a degree in Finance from the Carlson School of Management as a Maroon Global Excellence Merit Scholar. He has been working with KPMG Advisory Services India for the past two years as an associate consultant for the Strategy and Operations team with the Management Consulting Practice. He has been vigorously involved in consulting top Indian Corporations and Fortune 500 companies across industries with business development and corporate strategy. Achintya has been deeply involved with social enterprises in the past. He was the co-founder of a non-profit consulting startup (Maroon&Gold Consulting) at the University of Minnesota, which eventually merged with 180 Degrees Consulting to become the first branch of 180 Degrees in the Midwestern United States. He is passionate about helping people and discovering new cultures. He also holds an International Baccalaureate Diploma and speaks three languages. In his free time he enjoys playing music and rowing.

  • Shruthi Sharma

    Business Development Director

    Shruthi is a part of 180DC's Global Business Development team, whose main responsibility is to improve the financial stability of the organisation via clientele. She is currently a post graduate student, specialising in Marketing at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, offshore campus of SDA Bocconi Milan. She is also the founder and Marketing Director of 180DC SDA Bocconi Asia branch. She has over a year of work experience in the healthcare sector and has been involved with NFPs like Make a Difference, Toybank, Toastmasters International. She is a certified public speaker, trained classical dancer and has won various accolades in national B-scool competitions. Having a staunch interest and experience in FMCG industry and pursuing a summer internship with Ferrero, she aspires to be a Brand Manager post her study.

  • Taylor Hawkins

    Business Development Director

    As a Director of Business Development for 180 Degrees Consulting, Taylor works to support the financial sustainability of the organisation through both outbound lead generation and revenue driven project development. With a background in Law and Communications, as well running several of her own businesses, Taylor is highly engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how bringing creative insights into the not-for-profit sector can accelerate social impact.


  • Naadiya Wozeer

    Chief Marketing Director

    As Chief Marketing Officer, Naadiya is responsible for overseeing 180DC's marketing and brand strategy at the global scale. Naadiya leads the Global Marketing Leadership Team and is passionate about enabling impact for socially conscious organisations through insights-driven digital marketing. Naadiya joined 180DC in 2015 as part of the Macquarie University branch, and has held previous positions including Branch Marketing Director, and Consulting Director. Naadiya is currently a Senior Business Analyst at AMP Capital and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University, majoring in Economics, International Business and French.

  • George Beridze

    Global Marketing Director
  • Maysa Wozeer

    Design Director

    As Design Director for 180 Degrees Consulting, Maysa Wozeer leads the organization’s global design and digital brand strategy. With a degree in Design Computing from the University of Sydney, Australia, Maysa is passionate about transforming ideas into digital, visual assets through graphic and user experience design, using her expertise to innovatively foster social impact in the not-for-profit sector.

  • Johanna Weiermann

    Global Marketing Director

  • Natalia Scheidegger

    Chief Technical Officer

    Natalia is working in collaboration with the IT team to develop and maintain the software and technologies that support 180 Degrees. She co-manages a small IT services and web development company based in Sydney, where she oversees the Strategy, Marketing and Sales side of the business. Prior to this she worked as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte. Natalia has a Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Engineering (Hons 1) at the University of Sydney and a Masters of Finance from the University of NSW.

  • Marco Tollini

    Software Developer

    As a Developer, Marco is responsible for upgrading and improving the 180 Degrees' global technology systems. He is currently in the second year of his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in Lugano, Switzerland. 180 Degrees is his first real world experience; however, he has contributed in many university projects that also helped him improving his capability in Scrum software development. In his free time he loves taking pictures and he enjoys sports.

  • Ronald Robertson

    IT Director

    Ronald brings a background in psychology and data science to the Consulting Team. He is currently a Research Associate at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in California, and a PhD student at the Network Science Institute in Massachusetts. The research that Ronald has conducted has appeared in popular media sources including the BBC, U.S. News & World Report, and Wired. His current research focuses on auditing algorithms and modeling influence in online communication networks.


  • Tom Chen

    Global Consulting Director

    Tom became involved with 180 Degrees in 2017 as an Industry Mentor, and in 2018 joined the Leadership Team as a Consulting Director. Tom is also currently a Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group in Sydney, joining the firm in 2016 and focusing on Consumer and Corporate Development topics. Prior to that he spent some time in investment banking in Hong Kong. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney.

  • Sam Johnson

    Impact Consultant

    Sam Johnson is a recent civil engineering graduate of the University of New South Wales who is interested in the role infrastructure can play in ensuring basic human rights. In 2016, he represented Australia as part of the delegation to the G20 Youth Summit in Beijing and Shanghai. For his final year research project, Sam worked with Engineers Without Borders Australia's Cambodian social enterprise ATEC Biodigestors, which aims to be the world's leading pre-fabricated biodigestor company. In 2017, Sam is working in India, Cambodia, Thailand and Bangladesh with the World Bank, the United Nations and a variety of leading social enterprises to gain experience and decide which part of the international development ecosystem his skills are best suited to.

  • Barney McDonald

    Global Consulting Director

    As Global Consulting Director, Barney is responsible for improving the quality of services delivered by our 5000+ consultants. He also draws upon his legal background to help manage 180 Degrees’ pro bono partnerships. Having worked in corporate law, legal aid, and international criminal law, Barney has a diverse professional history. He is currently completing his Master of Laws from The Australian National University, after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) in 2015. Barney is passionate about working with socially conscious organisations, and has volunteered his services both domestically and abroad, including with Refugee Advice and Casework Service and Legal Aid of Cambodia

  • Neha Chandgothia

    Global Consulting Director

    As part of the Global 180DC family, Neha looks at the development of consulting materials for use and development of the local consulting teams. She has an MBA in Finance and Bachelors in Accountancy and Information Technology and has gained work experience in London and India. She has worked in social sector for the likes of Centrepoint, City Bridge Trust and HCT Group, latter two of which were part of her OnPurpose programme placements. Neha is currently working for Social Enterprise UK in London. Neha has worked for over 7 years in banks, consultancy and asset management firms in the area of Risk Management and Regulatory Change. The roles involved working across global diverse teams, understanding regulatory requirements by applicable regulators and then facilitating the implementation of those changes. She has worked in the private sector for the likes of PwC, RBS, HSBC, State Street, Co-operative and Axis Bank. She enjoys cycling, playing the piano and being outdoors. She believes in fairness, equality and diversity and is a big supporter of these causes.


  • Jessica Dharmasiri

    Chief Growth Officer

    Jessica became involved with 180 Degrees at the UNSW branch in 2014 and now leads international expansion as part of the Global Leadership Team. She has experience in management consulting, innovation consulting and business development through roles at Strategy&, KPMG and various social enterprises and SME's. Jessica has just completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy) and Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) at UNSW Australia, including semesters abroad at King’s College London, the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. She is currently involved in an NFP social innovation strategy project in Dublin and plans to continue travelling Europe before commencing as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company in 2019

  • Emma Artigues

    Director of Global Growth

    As a Global Growth Director, Emma is in charge of accompanying aspiring executives in the process of setting up new branches at their university. A full-time Bocconi student and current exchanger at NUS, she seeks to identify new pools of talents on the field, interacting on a daily basis with the global community to spread 180 Degrees’ vision and mission. As a Young Ambassador of Unicef, she previously attended the COP21 and performed microfinance consulting missions in Ghana. An advocate of the Social Business model, she recently interned at the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh and interacted with the leadership of dozens of Grameen Sister companies. Most importantly, Emma interviewed Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Yunus for 180 Degrees during the Social Business Day in India. Emma aspires to be a facilitator for impact, by using her consulting skills and networks to bring together diverse actors with the common goal of solving pressing social issues.

  • Adam Hegedus

    Director of Global Growth

    As Director of Global Growth, Adam is responsible for the development and strategic planning of new 180 Degrees branches. Adam is an undergraduate student at UNSW Sydney, studying Commerce (Co-Op) with an interest in management, technology and international development. He has over 18 months of corporate experience with strategy, technology innovation and social impact teams at Origin Energy, the Westpac Group and Deloitte Consulting. Alongside 180DC, Adam founded and manages an international not-for-profit called Educating the Future, working closely with the Timorese Government to build pre-schools in remote areas. This venture was inspired by a 21-day, 758 KM walk from Bondi Beach to Byron Bay to raise $20,000. As a result of his contributions to Australian and Timorese relationships, Adam was nominated for Young Australian of the Year 2017.