At the international level, 180 Degrees Consulting is led by the following team. To see the leaders of specific 180 Degrees branches, go to the relevant branch webpage.

Board of Directors

  • Nat Ware

    Founder, CEO and Chairman

    Dr. Nat Ware founded 180 Degrees Consulting in September 2007. As the Founder and CEO, Nat has grown 180 Degrees from nothing into the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, with branches in 35 countries. He has been responsible for developing and executing the strategic objectives of 180 Degrees. Nat has a long-standing interest in developing business solutions to social problems. He is a Rhodes Scholar, a Forbes 30 Under 30 list maker, the Australian State Young Achiever of the Year, a Goldman Sachs Global Leader, a World University Public Speaking Grand Finalist, and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Nat initially completed a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) at the University of Sydney, where he was awarded the University Medal (top academic award) and Convocation Medal for Best All-Rounder (1st/40,000 students). He then completed an MBA and a Masters in Development Economics at Oxford University, where he was awarded the Saïd Prize for Top Oxford MBA Student and the Arthur Lewis Prize for Best Performance in Development Economics. In addition to leading 180 Degrees, Nat has worked as a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University, an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia, as a World Vision Ambassador, as Executive Director of the Young Leaders Network, and has taught the postgraduate course ‘Innovation, Strategy and Global Business’. Nat has also completed a full Ironman triathlon, swum the English Channel to raise money for mental health initiatives, raised significant funds to rebuild a school in Mozambique and build an orphanage in Thailand, and has given three acclaimed TEDx talks on social impact that have been viewed over 800,000 times. Nat is also the only ever Two-Time Global Winner of the St Gallen Wings of Excellence Award (1st/920 contestants in 2017 and 1st/1300 contestants in 2018). Furthermore, he has invented both a new way to finance reskilling for disadvantaged individuals known as Tradeable Income-Based Securities (TIBS), and a new way of measuring social impact known as Discounted Expected Marginal Impact (DEMI). To connect with Nat on LinkedIn go to and on Twitter go to

  • Edward Miller

    Board Director

    Edward has played an instrumental role in the growth and success of 180 Degrees since the beginning. His focus is on financial sustainability, operational efficiency, and global partnerships. He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney, where he was the Deans Undergraduate Scholar for Economics and recipient the Eliot v Eliot Prize for his work in Industrial Relations Policy. Edward is a talented communicator, winning both the World Universities Debating Championship and the Australasian Universities Debating Championship in 2015, and serving as a speechwriter to senior Australian political and business figures over the course of 2013. He has a history of involvement in social enterprise, successfully negotiating a global training and sponsorship agreement with a top tier consultancy on behalf of 180 Degrees, and being awarded runner up in the international final of the Challenge Future Social Innovation Competition. He has a keen interest in public policy and development economics, which he was fortunate to apply as an analyst for the managing director of Australia’s largest and best performing Private Equity fund.

  • Mishka Nikolas

    Board Director and Chief Consulting Officer

    Mishka has worked in numerous fields including tax consulting, marketing strategy, data analytics, business strategy and law. He loves both leadership and specialist roles and enjoys immersing himself in teams. Mishka has a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Business Strategy, Economic Management and International Business) from UNSW, and a Masters of Business Law from the University of Sydney. Mishka was fortunate to take a year off from his career to work on the ground at various charities across South America, including permaculture farms, community enrichment/training centres, start-up schools and animal shelters. He is passionate about philanthropy and charitable organisations.

Global Leadership Team

  • Nick Charinos

    Chief Executive Officer

    Nick first joined 180 Degrees Consulting as project manager at the Stockholm branch in 2017. He was fascinated by how 180DC created a direct means to create impact in the community by donating one's time to support local charities and it was this that led him to be a part of the Global Leadership Team since 2017. Holding various leadership roles within External Relations, Nick currently leads the organization managing a virtual team of 90+ volunteers across 30 countries. Originally from Athens, Greece, but living and working in Stockholm at an education technology start-up, Nick is extremely passionate about social impact and in particular on how we, as individuals, can use our core strengths and skills, to do good in this world!

  • Chris Garner

    Chief External Relations Officer

    Chris discovered 180DC while at university, looking for opportunities to gain experience in consulting and social impact. He set up and ran the Oxford University branch, building an Executive Team, finding clients, recruiting consultants and securing mentorship. After graduating, Chris moved to London to join a public sector healthcare consultancy. Alongside this role he joined the Global Leadership Team, working for the business development team at the intersection of 180DC branches and multinational NGO and social enterprise clients to secure high-quality, paying projects for branches. Building on his vision to see 180DC as the market leader of affordable social impact consulting services globally, Chris currently acts as Chief External Relations Officer, working across Business Development, Strategic Partnerships and Marketing & Communications. He currently works for the NHS, improving population health through community-based services.

  • Mark Papinczak

    Chief Digital Officer

    Mark started his journey at 180 Degrees Consulting in the Global Data, Insights and Impact Tracking team where he established the foundations for quantifying and communicating our social impact. He rapidly transitioned across to lead our global digital transformation in mid-2021, including the design and rollout of new internal project management and communications platforms to over 170 branches in our global network. Now in the role of Chief Digital Officer, Mark is committed to continually improving our digital capabilities and building digitally-literate social impact leaders versed in the use and implications of modern technology. Mark holds a Masters of Engineering (Mechanical) from The University of Queensland (Valedictorian, University Medallist), including overseas placements at Purdue University, Harvard University and the lauded von Karman Institute of Fluid Mechanics. He currently works for Australia’s largest defence company, embedding cutting-edge systems thinking practices at all levels of the organisation.

  • Shivam Jha

    Chief Operations Officer

    Shivam started with his 180 Degrees adventure in late 2018, when he discovered the organisation sharing his fascination of working at the intersection of social impact and consulting. He was involved in founding and setting up the branch at Delhi Technological University in New Delhi, and leading it as the President for the next couple of years He is currently an MBA Candidate at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and has completed his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from DTU. He spent 2 years working in the consulting industry with McKinsey and PwC in their India offices - working with clients on a variety of projects around strategic sourcing and supply chain management. Post university, Shivam transitioned into a role at the GLT as an Operations Specialist in APAC and later stepped up as the Operations Lead for the Americas region, and currently co-leads the seven teams within the Ops portfolio. Having contributed to a number of internal projects around journey mapping, digital systems roll-out, he carries immense cross-functional experience and organisational knowledge. A published writer, seasoned debater, avid quizzer, and an amateur photographer, he enjoys dissecting music and shares an obsessive knack for symmetry, along with being very passionate about making a difference to the world!

  • Bettina Spiegel

    Deputy Chief Operations Officer

    Bettina started her journey with 180 Degrees in 2017 and has held various branch leadership roles before becoming Director of Global Operations, and now co-leading the seven operational teams of 180DC. Bettina currently works in financial and strategic controlling in a local media corporation. She holds a Bachelor of Science (International Business Administration) and Master of Science (Strategy, Innovation and Management Control) from WU Wien, Vienna University of Economics and Business, including studies and internships abroad in the USA, France and Malaysia.

  • Sakansh Mittal

    Chief Financial Officer

    Sakansh joined the 180DC Global Leadership Team in 2019, with a key goal to facilitate and secure the long-term financial sustainability of 180 Degrees Consulting. He has led projects on comprehensive landscape assessment of financial tools, automation of invoicing processes among others, working as part of cross-functional teams across the GLT. Sakansh is based in India, and works as a Private Equity Associate at Advent International. He has previously worked in the CEO’s Office at Abbott Laboratories, for their pharmaceuticals business in India, and has also worked at The Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant. Outside of work, he is an avid quizzer, loves reading history, watching tennis, motor racing, and travelling.