There is no shortage of organizations that desire to improve the state of the world. Thousands of non-profits and social enterprises aim to improve education, health, economic and environmental outcomes. However, most organizations have not reached their full potential. Many are constrained. Many have limited resources, limited time, limited staff, and limited money.

The challenge is…

How can we improve the effectiveness of worthwhile organizations around the world? How can we help non-profits and social enterprises to overcome challenges they’re facing and have the greatest possible social impact?

Most traditional consulting services are prohibitively expensive, and the few services that are affordable do not operate on a large scale. Most non-profits and social enterprises miss out.

The answer is…

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180 Degrees provides socially conscious organizations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing.

We help organizations to…

  • Run the most effective programs possible
  • Measure their social impact
  • Improve their financial sustainability
  • Operate as efficiently as possible, so that donation revenue goes further
  • Be more data-driven in their decision-making
  • Expand to new geographical areas
  • Improve their human resource management and volunteer recruitment
  • Improve their branding and marketing
  • Work out organizational priorities
  • Increase the number of people they are able to help
  • Develop a workable business plan

Our unique advantage…

We’re able to offer very high-quality consulting services without the usual price tag because our consultants are carefully selected top university students with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem-solving ability. These consultants work on a volunteer basis because they believe in the work we’re doing. They believe that improving the effectiveness of organizations can make a massive and meaningful difference to the people those organizations serve.

As such, 180 Degrees connects the untapped capabilities of top university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organizations. Importantly, the process is mutually beneficial. Non-profits, social enterprises, and socially minded businesses get custom solutions to problems they’re facing and university students get work experience, professional training, first-hand exposure to non-profits and social enterprises, real leadership development, and the opportunity to make a difference.


With operations in 35+ countries and branches at over 150 leading universities, 180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university-based consultancy and the world’s premier social impact consultancy.

Our focus areas…

We work primarily with organizations that are focused on improving education and health outcomes, achieving environmental sustainability, and/or alleviating poverty.

Our mission is…

To ensure that non-profits and social enterprises committed to education, health, and poverty alleviation can reach their full potential by meeting their demand for very affordable, high-quality strategic and operational assistance, and in so doing developing the next generation of social impact leaders.

“Why are we called 180 Degrees? It’s because we work to turn good organizations into great organizations, challenges into opportunities, ideas into reality. We’re focused on positive transformation. Transforming organizations, and – in turn – transforming lives.” – Nat Ware (Founder & CEO) 

To learn more about 180 Degrees Consulting, watch the short video below.