Competitor Analysis 


A market or competitor analysis is useful in making informed decisions about an income opportunity or on how to position a product. It is a research-heavy and evidence-based analysis, utilising both quantitative and qualitative data.

This section will cover several frameworks for competitor and market analysis.

1) How to analyse a marketplace?

How can you help your client decide whether or not to expand into a new market or deliver a new product?

2) How to analyse competitors?

How can you help your client successfully differentiate themselves from competitors? How can you help a client maintain competitive advantage?

3) How to enter a new market?

How to advice your client on a strategy for entering a new market


Note: In many cases, a competitor and market analysis are conducted in conjunction. For example, if your client is considering delivering a new product, you might have to conduct a market analysis to better understand the level of business opportunity, as well as a competitor analysis to best position your client’s product offering.



Other useful tools

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