Resource – 180Degrees PowerPoint Template

The official 180 Degrees Consulting PowerPoint template – used for client presentations and meetings. This is a blank template that contains most of the common slide formats to support efficient slide-writing. 

If you have trouble installing the “theme”, please refer to these instructions. If you are unfamiliar with how to use a template, please refer to these instructions.

Example of a great slide:

Add stock images, icons, etc. directly on Microsoft PowerPoint – Microsoft 365 support

Click on Insert > Icons, a window will pop up where you can select a variety of stock images, icons, cutout people, stickers, stock videos, illustrations, and cartoon people. This Microsoft support page outlines where you can use the content for.

Additional resource 1 – 180Degrees Icons Library

Icons are a great way to improve the effectiveness of your written communications – they grab the viewer’s attention and reduce complexity and clutter on the page. However, remember to use them sparingly! Here are a few free resources to help you get started:

Additional resource 2 – 180Degrees Slide Library

This slide library is a curated collection of exhibits that hopefully inspire different ways of presenting the information. Feel free to leverage any of the slides in this library for your presentations.

Additional resource 3 – Image Library

Images are an effective visual tool to deliver your message and drive impact when used sparingly. Here are a few free resources where you can find stock photos:

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